Who Is Claudia Barber? Everything About Ronde Barber Wife

Ronde Barber lives with his wife, Claudia Barber, who is now involved in charitable services.

Claudia Barber is best known as the wife of the former footballer, Ronde Barber.

Ronde is an American football player who played in the top league, NFL, for well over a decade.

He spent 16 years of his professional career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Following his selection from the NFL draft in 1997, Barber enjoyed great success in the sport as he won multiple awards and recognition during those years.

The former athlete was officially included in the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame in 2014 which indicates the impact that he had on football.

Who Is Ronde Barber Wife Claudia Barber?

Ronde barber’s wife, Claudia Barber, is a Filipino American who is now involved in charitable services.

She previously used to work as a marketing and event planner when she met with Ronde.

Ronde and Claudia were quickly attracted to each other and after spending some time together, they decided to stick for the rest of their lives.

Eventually, the couple tied the knot in the spring of 2001.

Even to this date, after two decades of their union, they are still jubilant in their sweet married life.

How Old Is Claudia Barber?

Claudia Barber’s age is thought to be around 45- 50 years old.

Unfortunately, the actual age and birth date details of Ronde’s partner are not known at the moment.

She is not a media type of person and is rarely covered by it.

That said, Claudia has not been explored on a detailed personal level.

Because of this, nothing much about her childhood age and other information is known.

Claudia Barber Wikipedia

Claudia Barber doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio page.

She is not a celebrity personality herself but rather the spouse of the celebrity.

The woman is yet to do something on a bigger scale to be recognized by the public as well as the wiki page.

A few other sites contain some information about her but nothing in detail is disclosed.

Claudia Barber Children

Claudia Barber has two children with her partner, Ronde Barber.

The couple, after their marriage in 2001, has spent a lovely life together and has two daughters with each other.

Thye are named Yammile Rose and Justyce Rosina.

Claudia Barber On Instagram

Claudia Barber has not been discovered on Instagram to this date.

She doesn’t seem to be available on the platform just like her husband, Ronde.

The former athlete is available on Twitter but that is not the same for Claudia.

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