Why Is Micah Morris Leaving Good Good? Wife Katie Morris and Net Worth

Micah is a professional golfer. ( Source : Instagram )

Micah Morris is a golfer and a member of Good Good golf. On the Instagram story of Tom Broders, Micah was not featured, so there is news that Micah leaves Good Good golf.

The founders of Good Good golf are Micah "Tig" Morris, Tom "Bubbie" Broders, Stephen Castaneda, Matt Scharff, and Garrett Clark. 

The newly formed Good Good Golf Company began as a group of Kansas-based friends creating daily golf content, and it quickly grew into a well-liked platform for golf lovers to unwind from the demands of the game and everyday life.

Micah Morris posts golfing advice and techniques on his YouTube channel. He plays golf matches online against other players, records them, and uploads the videos to YouTube to share his instruction with other players.

Quick Fact About Micah Morris:

Date Of BirthMarch 3, 1995
Place Of BirthUnited States
Height5feet 8inch
ProfessionGolfer, YouTuber

Why Is Micah Morris Leaving Good Good?

Micah Morris hasn't officially announced whether he'll be leaving Good Good or not. Micah is a co-founder and one of the members of the brand called Good Good Golf. He values Good Good golf and the entire crew.

Micah Morris is the member of Good Good golf
Micah Morris is the member of Good Good golf ( Source : instagram )

Micah once confessed that he had left his prestigious finance job, and his parents were shocked. He joined the YouTube golfer team Good Good and has been friends with six other golfers. The entire Good Good team has been established as a national leader in the golf industry.

To top the charts, each member of Good Good Golf participates in a new season called the Good Good Cup. The participant with the most points after the season will be named the season champion.

Garret is bringing in new individuals, and on the course, everyone is performing uniquely. However, Micah Morris appears to be absent from the Good Good, and as a result, everyone is wondering why he's not there and speculates that he may have left the crew.

Micah Morris's Wife Katie Is An Entreprenuer

Micah Morris married his wife Katie Morris in 2018. Katie is a successful entrepreneur and has been supporting her husband in his golfing career.

Micah Morris and his wife Katie Morris
Micah Morris and his wife Katie Morris ( Source : instagram )

Micah adores his wife, in his Instagram bio he has stated that " I love my wife."

Katie is also active on her Instagram account with the username @katiegirlmorris, she has 11.1k followers. She shared photos of herself and her husband on Instagram, as well as pictures of herself playing golf.

Micah Morris Net Worth - How Much Does He Earns?

Micah Morris has a net worth of $2 million. He is a well-known golfer and Youtuber.

Morris makes money from videos that are posted on his YouTube channel about sports, golf, and lifestyle categories. He also earns money from his profession as a golfer in addition to advertising revenue.

Micah, who is active on YouTube and posts twice weekly, manages to achieve over 50k views. Micah Morris's golf net worth has been growing to such a size that it has placed him among the richest athletes.

The popular golf YouTuber competes in matches against other golfers and uploads the videos of those matches to YouTube. He has 323k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Micah started his channel on October 24, 2018. He routinely makes appearances on both his own channel and the YouTube channel for the GoodGood golf team.

Micah is well-known on the social media network and has established a sizable fan base.

He Is A Pro Golfer

Micah Morris is a professional golfer. He plays golf and shares tips and ideas on his YouTube channel.

Michael Morris has played on some of the most renowned and prestigious golf courses in the world, including Palma Ceia Golf Country Club and Burlingame Country Club in the United States.

Morris has played on some of the most famous and prestigious golf courses
Morris has played on some of the most famous and prestigious golf courses ( Source : instagram )

Good Good Golf provides a variety of additional services, such as golf course appraisal, tours, consultation, and training, in addition to working on top-notch golf courses.

After placing 16th in his opening tournament of the year, he had a hit-and-miss season in 2018, ending just outside the top 25. In his YouTube videos, he has included Matt Scharff and Grant Horvat.

Micah Morris Is Called Tig

Micah said that the origin of the nickname Tig dates back to when he was a little boy in a video he posted on YouTube last year, in 2021, titled Why Everyone Calls Me Tig.

He said he was raised just outside Guthrie, Oklahoma, where he was born. His father had a job at the Oklahoma City-based Sarah Lee Coffee & Tea Company. Morris claimed that daily transportation firms came and went and that occasionally he would see his father at work. There was one trucking company, though, that stuck out.

Micah admitted he wasn't sure if the company's distinctive branding was what set it apart. The company logo for this particular trucking company was a hybrid of a tiger and a gator.

He said he could always spot this specific trucking company by its half-tiger, half-gator logo whenever he visited his father's workplace. Therefore, his father bought him a cap with "Tie Gator" on the back and the logo on the front. Micah expressed how awesome he found it to be.

Micah admitted that he wore the hat for several years before it broke. He claimed to have looked all over for the precise kind of hat but was unsuccessful. For what seemed like a lifetime, he wore the cap, which featured a logo on the front and a Tiger on the back.

As a result, Tie gator was the original nickname before being shortened to Tig.

Some FAQs

Is Micah Morris Leaving Good Good?

Micha Morris was missing in Tom Broders Instagram's story which suggests Morris might be leaving Good Good.

When Was Good Good Golf Founded?

Good Good Golf Youtube channel first became popular in 2009.

What Is Good Good Golf Net Worth?

Good Good Golf has a revenue of around $5 Million in 2022.

Who Is Micah Morris's wife?

Golfer Micah Morris is married to wife Katie. The couple have been together for a while now.