NRL Finals 2022: Is Nathan Cleary Playing Tonight? Face Injury Update

Nathan Cleary catches a pass during the warm-up before the NRL Preliminary Final match between the Melbourne Storm and the Penrith Panthers.
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After a five weeks ban, Nathan Cleary will play the NRL finals tonight. Scott Sattler has, however, commented that Nathan might not be at his best. 

Quick Facts on Nathan Cleary

Full NameNathan Cleary
Date of BirthNovember 14, 1997
Place of BirthNew South Wales, Australia
ProfessionRugby League Footballer
ParentsIvan Cleary and Rebecca Cleary
SiblingsMilaya Cleary, Indi Cleary, and Jett Cleary

The Australian professional rugby league player Cleary plays as a halfback for the Penrith Panthers in the National Rugby League (NRL) and is a co-captain for the team.

He has represented City Origin and New South Wales in the State of Origin series while playing at the representative level.

Is Nathan Cleary Playing Tonight?

After a five-week suspension period, Nathan Cleary will be seen playing the NRL Finals tonight.

During Round 20's cross-town grudge match, the 24-year-old was given a lengthy ban for making a dangerous lifting tackle on Dylan Brown. 

The tackle was deemed to have put Brown in danger. As a result of the five-week punishment, he was required to sit out the entirety of the NRL regular season. However, he can play in the NRL final series because his ban has been lifted.

Nathan Cleary had his hands between Dylan Brown's legs as he tipped upside down.
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Even though he will be participating in tonight's final, many people think his form has suffered because of his absence from the field over the past five weeks.

After a five-week absence due to injury, Panthers great Scott Sattler has cautioned that superstar halfback Nathan Cleary may not be at his dazzling best for Penrith's qualifying final.

The Maroons official pushed the playmaker to adopt a "defensive" strategy, even though Sattler is certain Cleary will be doing all his power to prepare himself for a finals baptism of fire.

Face Wound Sustained By Nathan Cleary

It would appear that Nathan has endured a string of unfortunate events on the playing field.

In addition to being out for the first five weeks of his ban, he could not play because of a facial injury. In 2021, Cleary finished the night of the triumph with six stitches beneath his right eye after a stray elbow from a teammate, Tom Trbojevic, had created a cut there.

Nathan Cleary played more than 25 minutes with blood pouring out of his face.
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The wound began to leak blood immediately after the event. Still, the referee, Gerard Sutton, did not take Cleary out of the game until a few minutes before halftime despite the apparent danger.

Cleary dabbed the cut with a towel to stop the bleeding and keep playing, but the referees told him to leave the field immediately so the injury could be treated appropriately.

After halfback Nathan Cleary of the NSW Blues played over 30 minutes of the opening game of the State of Origin series with blood flowing out of his cheek, the NRL has insisted that the appropriate protocols were followed.

Nathan Cleary Health Update, What Really Happened?

There is no suggestion or evidence to imply that Nathan Cleary used banned substances.

On the other hand, Nathan has always suffered from a severe case of acne as well as a skin infection. In point of fact, he ended up having to spend one night in the hospital in the year 2020 because of a severe skin illness.

Nathan had severe skin condition that got cleared up after he partnered with a beauty company.
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Because of his skin condition and acne, he has even been unfairly accused of using other illegal medications, which would be a violation of the terms of their use.

Nevertheless, he is taking better care of his skin at this point. Cleary is now the face of the Australian company New Vision Cosmetics, and the staff there used Ultraderm treatments to treat his acne before he became their spokesperson. It goes without saying that the therapy had undeniably impressive outcomes.

Nathan Cleary Has Samoan Heritage

Ivan and Rebecca Cleary are the parents of Nathan Cleary, who now serves as a co-captain for the Penrith Panthers in the National Rugby League (NRL).

Nathan was born in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on November 14, 1997. He inherited his Samoan ancestry from his parents and spent a significant portion of his childhood in Auckland, New Zealand.

During this time, Nathan's father was a member of the New Zealand Warriors and later coached the team. Nathan moved back to Australia in 2002.

Nathan Cleary with his father, Ivan Cleary.
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After spending his childhood playing soccer, Cleary switched to rugby league in his pre-teen years and went on to play for the Mount Albert Lions in Auckland and the Penrith Brothers in Sydney. During his time at Sacred Heart College in Auckland, Cleary was there for a total of two years.

Ivan Cleary, Nathan's father, is currently a coach with the Penrith Panthers of the National Rugby League (NRL) and previously played fullback and center for the Penrith Panthers in Australia's professional rugby league throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

Along with his present role as head coach of the Penrith Panthers, he has previously held the same position with the Wests Tigers and the New Zealand Warriors. In 2021, he led the Panthers to victory in the National Rugby League championship game.

Nathan Cleary pictured with his siblings.
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Ivan was a goal-kicker who played club football in Australia and New Zealand. His home country is New Zealand. He established a new benchmark for the number of points scored in a single season during the 1998 NRL Premiership.

Even though Nathan was born in Australia, his ancestry is Croatian. Milaya Cleary, Indi Cleary, and Jett Cleary are Nathan's siblings. His younger siblings look to be in their twenties and maybe only a few years younger than he is.

Some FAQs

Does Nathan have siblings?

Nathan Cleary has three siblings. They are Milaya Cleary, Indi Cleary, and Jett Cleary.

What happened to Nathan Cleary's face?

There was a substantial cut on Nathan's chin after a stray elbow of a teammate hit him during a game. Blood spurt out immediately from the cut.

Who are Nathan Cleary's parents?

Nathan is the son of Ivan and Rebecca Cleary. His father is a coach and former professional rugby league footballer.

Will Nathan Cleary be playing in the NRL finals tonight?

Nathan Cleary was on the sideline for five weeks after he was suspended for a dangerous throw. His ban has lifted so he shall be playing in the finals tonight.