Simone Susinna Sexuality Explored After Picture Of Him Was Released With Michele Morrone

An actor and model Simone Susinna wowed admirers with an entrancing selfie with actor Michele Morrone. Is he gay? Find out his sexuality. 

Simone Susinna is well-recognized as an actor and model. In 2017, he debuted on TV as a cast member on the "The Island Of The Famous." 

Susinna is now concentrating as he plays the role of Nacho in 365 Days 2. With Morrone, he plays the character of Nacho. 365 Days 2 is a Polish erotic love drama based on "Blanca Lipiska's" first novel in a trilogy of books.

The story follows Laura Biel, a young woman who falls in love with Don Massimo Torricelli (Morrone), who imprisons her for 365 days in addition to making her fall in love with him.

Is Simone Susinna Gay? Sexuality Explored

Simone Susinna, a 365-day renowned actor, has a large social media following & his posts go viral quickly. He and actress Michele Morrone shared a photo of themselves.

As they cuddled up close, the model placed his arm around Michele and captioned the photo, "I'm a liar." Following the viral photo, there has been widespread speculation that Simone & Michele are Gay. 

Shortly after that, Michele came to Instagram to release a video of himself addressing the latest sexuality allegation & confirming that it was all a misunderstanding.

"He became one of my closest friends; we're like brothers." We're collaborating on a film. It was only a photo, guys. "There's nothing else."

Additionally, an actor went on to say that he is a great supporter of the LGBT community & that addressing the accusations isn't a problem for him. After all of this, it's evident that Simone Susinna is not gay. 

Is Michele Morrone Simone Susinna's partner?

No, Michele Morrone and Simone Susinna is not partner. Their Instagram snap fueled widespread speculation that they were dating. But it's evident now that they're good buddies who act like brothers to one other. Furthermore, they are both cast members of 365 Days: This Day.

Simone had previously been in a relationship with model and reality personality Mariana Rodriguez.

According to reports, they dated for two years before splitting up in 2017.

On the red carpet in September 2018, they posed & kissed. As a result, it's unclear if the two started dating.

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Meet Simone Susinna On Instagram 

Simone Susinna goes by the name @susinnasimone on Instagram. With 693k followers, he frequently updated his fans and followers on his activities.

An actor has 419 posts at the moment. He appears to be a highly active social media user who enjoys spending a lot of time communicating with his fans based on his Instagram account.

In addition to that, an actor is also active on Twitter with the handle @simonesusinnabr. He has 291 followers & has been on Twitter since May 2021. 

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