Jack Gleeson and Wife Roisin O Mahony Age Difference and Relationship Timeline As They Get Hitched

A very small percentage of people know Jack Gleeson by his real name, as the world still refers to him as Joffrey Baratheon. Gleeson is an Irish actor who received notoriety after portraying the character of Joffrey on the HBO television series, Game of Thrones. He attributed his performance to Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of Commodus in the 2000 film Gladiator.

Jack Gleeson
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As announced in 2012, Gleeson took a break from acting after filming Game of Thrones to pursue a career in academia. However, after a six-year hiatus, he returned to work, appearing in an independent theater (the stage adaptation of the book To Be a Machine) and the 2020 BBC drama Out of Her Mind. 

Presently, his name has become prominent on the Internet as the actor got hitched to a film director, Roisin O Mahony. Learn more about their relationship timeline and age difference.

Jack Gleeson And Roisin O Mahony Got Married: Details On Their Relationship Time

Well, this is much simpler than the Red Wedding, but the fans of GOT were all hyped to know Jack Gleeson got married. It is known to all how much people hated that character of him, making it plausible to accept how well he executed the role of Joffrey.

Jack married to girlfriend Roison O Mahony, a film director, over the weekend, in a small ceremony in Ireland. The priest officiating them revealed the wedding as a “very simple, prayerful and dignified” ceremony.

The pair received many good wishes from viewers of the popular HBO series, who also noted how dramatically different Gleeson seemed in real life from the evil character he portrayed in the series. While describing him, Father Lynch stated that Jack is down-to-earth, simple, and easygoing.

While the starting date is unknown, the 30-year-old actor had been dating Roisin for a long time and decided to exchange the wedding vows in a subtle yet dignified way. In front of their loved ones in a modest church in Ireland, the couple exchanged vows.

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How Old Is Roisin O Mahony? Instagram Photos

While the couple had not stated when they started dating or how they first met, Jack has shared a picture of them on his Instagram, where he is sitting on the Iron Throne with Roisin. The post is from 2019. Similarly, he shared another picture of them the same year.

An Instagram post shared by Jack Gleeson with his griflfriend, in 2019
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Regarding Roisin, the actress does not have a Wikipedia page. Her name has been mentioned on IMDb, with the films she has been associated with. Mahony is an actress and director known for movies such as Mild Thing (2017), Jekyll and Hyde (2015), and Not a Hero (2015).

Furthermore, she does not have a Wikipedia page, or she might have one private with some other username. Talking about her last project, Mild Thing, Roisin directed the movie and starred in it.

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More From Wedding: Jack Gleeson And Wife Mahony Are Thrilled To Start The Journey

A Twitter account relating to Game Of Thrones, Winter is Coming, wrote- “Jack Gleeson, known for playing Joffrey Baratheon on Game of Thrones, has married his longtime girlfriend Róisín O’Mahony. It went way better this time.”

As aforementioned, father Patsy Lynch performed the ceremony, to which he responded a relaxed event. He further added that he would treasure many memories of this special day.

Jack and Roisin on their wedding day
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For the momentous day, the Irish-born actor styled his dark hair in a slicked-back style and sported a well-groomed moustache. His bride Roisin, meanwhile, looked stunning in a silk dress with a pastel pink and blue pattern and a matching shawl. She further accessorized her classy attire with a delicate silver necklace and a lovely pair of teal heels.

While the date of birth of the actress has not been revealed, she seems to be in her late twenties, narrowing the age gap between the couple.

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