Where Is Duncan Richardson Child Actor Now? Whereabouts In 2022

Many aged people might recall Duncan Richardson as a charming and joyful child actor from the black and white television era.

He debuted in the acting industry in 1947, working with talented actors, actresses, and directors at that time. And many have speculated the baby actor will make a considerable reputation and career moving forward.

But, “Life is irregular,” and things may not go as planned. Except for a few elderly moviegoers, most people are unlikely to be familiar with the once-bright young star, Duncan Richardson, who is now in his adult years. On top of that, not much is known about him. The following article brings up everything about his career and life.

Where Is Duncan Richardson Child Actor Now? Current Whereabouts

Duncan Richardson, the famous child actor from the 50s, has lost track of time and now lurks somewhere beneath the shadow of what he could potentially be.

Born in the United States, he should be within the country. However, his precise location and whereabouts are not known. He does not use social media, nor does he come into the limelight; it is difficult to trace someone who does not want to be found.

Another famous child actor from the 50s, Tommy Kirk, who played in various Walt Disney movies back in the day, was born in Louisville, Kentucky.

When it appeared that word of his homosexuality would go public, Kirk’s time with Disney ended. He spent years battling drugs and despair while playing in several low-budget movies before quitting acting in the middle of the 1970s. 

Likewise, Patty McCormack made a rapid name as a child actress in the 50s era. Born in Brooklyn, New York, McCormack is survived by his two children. She married Bob Catania in 1967 but separated after only six years in 1973.

Duncan Richardson (child) in one of his movies
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Duncan Richardson Wikipedia And Career on IMDb

Duncan Richardson does not have his Wikipedia bio page, but IMDb features him on their websites.

According to his IMDb, Richardson’s major three movie credits are the 1951 movie Pride of Maryland, where he played the character Stevie Loomis; White Lightning which came out in 1953, in which he portrayed Davey; and Screen Directors Playhouse, released in 1956. 

Altogether the actor has appeared in 18 credits, including both tv films and series. He debuted in The Sea of Grass as Brock in 1947 at age 3. The same year he starred in This Time for Keeps as Duncan. Moreover, 1950 saw him in three projects; Gunmen of Abilene, Three Came Home, and Three Secrets. 

Richardson played Dickie Harper, an uncredited character who goes by English Boy, and Johnny Peterson in the movies mentioned above, respectively. His decade-long career ended in 1959 following the release of The Five Pennies, where he acted as a little boy at a Birthday Party.

Duncan Richardson played Stevie Loomis in Pride of Maryland (1951)
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Duncan Richardson Age in 2022, Is He Still Alive?

Duncan Richardson came to our cherished planet on December 27, 1941, in the United States of America. Based on his birthday, his current age will be 81 years in the coming December.

But his lack of media presence and activity led some people to speculate whether the child actor from the 50s is still alive. Apparently, no dead news has come out yet about him, so he is alive and kicking.

He was just three years old when he first made his acting debut in 1947 in The Sea of Grass. Even when he played in the last movie of his career in 1959, he was just 18. Moreover, no details regarding his family life and other facts of his personal life have come to the surface.

Besides, most child actors and actresses from the 50s have long perished. Tommy Kirk passed away on September 28, 2021, whereas Natalie Wood died in 1981, aged 43.

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