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What Happened To Nurse Nikki? Car Accident And Clubhouse Ig

Adenike Adeoso is the real name of nurse Nikki

On August 15, 2022, Nurse Nikki was reported to have faced a car accident. The incident was said to be a serious one. Nikki is a member of the Wack 100 clubhouse and is famous on Instagram. Let's read further into the life of this popular personality.

What Happened To Nurse Nikki? Car Accident And Clubhouse Instagram

According to some reports, Nurse Nikki met a car accident on Monday, August 15, 2022. While the accident was serious, causing harm to her, there has not been any further revelation of her status.

Nurse Nikki is from New York City, and her real name is Adenike Adeoso (Odeoso). She is a 32-year-old North American licensed practical nurse in the State of New York.

Whilst it all sounds normal, Nikki is an amateur adult film star. The African-Canadian native comes from a long line of medical experts; nevertheless, she has received much hate for being an adult filmer. 

Nikki has claimed to have a grandmother, mother, and sister nurse, but her deeds and behaviors have disgraced healthcare and black nurses everywhere. She is a misrepresentation of the Black and African community nurses.

A woman named Kimberly Bernard has even filed a petition on change.org, describing Nikki as the ultimate example of choosing the incorrect career for the incorrect reasons. She stated that she had shamed all the nurses belonging to the black community whom we should support.

Nurse Nikki is available on Clubhouse under the handle @muniilong, where she has garnered 9.2K followers. Likewise, she has an Instagram account under the handle ovowestonrd with seven posts and 1,705 followers. Sharing the link of her linktree on the bio, the nurse writes- "Click on my Linktree. Sign up today. Enjoy products that work."

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Updates On Nurse Nikki - Her Whereabouts In 2022

Nurse Nikki is reported to be practicing nursing in New York. Recently, she was brought into the news because of her accident report, which has not been confirmed.

She has been labeled to use a low-level social media fame, propelling her into the Club House app. She has been seen and heard dishonoring her profession in public. Furthermore, Nikki has received backlash for several other incidents as well. Nikki primarily talks about them on her clubhouse account.

To illustrate, she has mocked the victims of the Robb Elementary School shooting. Moreover, she was publicly brought down for bullying a woman about her infertility on Mother's day when the nurse uttered the sentences like- "You have rotten eggs" and "Your eggs are dead like your dad."


In addition, she has been reported to be selling her naked pictures to strangers on multiple social media apps for an exchange of 40 USD, which undoubtedly is a disgrace to the integrity of her nursing profession. Time and again, Nikki has mocked others for their religion and accents.

In the petition filed for her, it has been stated that many businesses, military, and healthcare professionals who frequently attend the "100 ENT" stage ignore and praise Nurse Nikki, who is a NY Licensed nurse, and she falsifies the black nurses and women in the field of medicine.

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