Where Is Raila Odinga Now? Family Details Of Former Prime Minister Of Kenya

Raila Odinga has now got defeated by William Ruto, who won the seat of Kenya’s fifth President. 

Former Kenya Prime Minister Raila Odinga is also a veteran politician and a renowned businessman. He went for his fifth election but has lost against William Ruto now. 

He gained 48.8% of the vote, while Ruto acquired 50.49%, winning the election. Over the years, politician has followed several political parties and their beliefs. 

Currently, he follows Orange Democratic Movement and has been following it since 2005. He was appointed as the second Prime Minister of Kenya on 17 April 2008 and was in the position till 9 April 2013. 

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Where Is Raila Odinga Now? 

Raila Odinga has now lost the election against Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto, who will be soon titled Kenya’s fifth President. 

Odinga, who took part in the election, mentioned his vision for the country as “the People’s Programmes” and explained his ten-point plan. 

He then further stated, “I Raila Amolo Odinga, having been faithful and committed to building a national democratic, and progressive Kenya in our lifetime, having worked with many patriotic Kenyans to achieve this goals,”

“I do hereby accept to present myself as a presidential candidate at the presidential election on 9 August 2022, following the request and unanimous decision of this Azimio la Umoja.”

After getting defected from the election with around a 1.69% vote difference, he has now yet to make further comment on the matter. 

As a veteran politician, he has been active in politics for more than two decades and also unsuccessfully contested the presidential election in 1997, 2007, 2013, and 2017. 

Meet Raila Odinga Wife Ida Odinga And Their Children

Raila Odinga is married to his long term wife Ida Odinga. The couple shared four children: Fidel, Rosemary, Raila Jr., and Winnie in their family. 

His child Fidel was born on 1973 but sadly passed away in 2015. Odinga’s other child, Rosemary, was born in 1977 and might be around 45 years of age. 

Meanwhile, his other child Raila Jr. was born in 1979, and Winnie, who is studying at Drexel University in Philadelphia, was born in 1990. 

Rails live happily with his wife in Karen, Nairobi, and also has a second residence in Siaya Country at Central Farm. 

Ida is known for being a supportive wife who is known to have helped her husband in different events. 

What Happened To Raila Odinga?

Raila Odinga was going for his luck to run in his fifth election but had a tough competition with his opponent’s party William Ruto. 

Ruto won his seat in the first attempt gaining a 50.49% vote, and will now soon become Kenya’s fifth President. As for Odinga, who shared his vision and plan with the public, is currently maintaining his privacy. 

People are currently celebrating the hype of the election, congratulating the newly elected President. Hopefully, in the coming days, former Prime Minister Raila will leave his comment regarding the election.

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