How Old Are Abbie Magnuson And Kayden Magnuson? Twins Relation And Roles On Chesapeake Shores

Off camera, Carrie and Caitlyn of Chesapeake Shores are real sisters. Kayden Magnuson, who plays Carrie, and Abbie Magnuson, who plays Caitlyn in the series, have been its part since 2016 until the sixth (last released) season of Chesapeake Shores in 2021. People might assume that the duo is twins, but they are just biological sisters, not twins.

Let us run through the sisters’ lives in this article.

Abbie Magnuson And Kayden Magnuson Share Four Years Of Age Gap

Kayden is the eldest sister between the two. She was born in 2005 and presently stands at the age of 17. On the other hand, Abbie was born on 3 February 2003, four years after Kayden. Abbie is at the age of 13 as of 2022.

For Kayden, being the eldest sister was a headstart to her career in the entertainment industry. At the age of 17, she holds twelve on-screen credits. The Canadian actress has appeared in films such as Welcome Home, Once Upon a Holiday, Debbie Macomber’s Dashing Through the Snow, Monkey Up, Dater’s Handbook, and even Power Rangers. Her other prominent features include the series The Whispers and Chesapeake Shores.


Abbie has comparatively fewer filmography credits. She bears the hat tip of two movies and a series under her name, including Kindergarten Cop 2, Dying to Be You, and Chesapeake Shores.

Chesapeake Shores can be labeled as the sisters’ breakthrough project.

Are Abbie Magnuson And Kayden Magnuson Twins?

Abbie Magnuson And Kayden Magnuson are not twins; they are biological sisters. Viewers often assume that the two are twins because of their similar features and because they play as twins in Chesapeake Shores, but in real life, they are not twins.

Both the sisters were born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Their father’s name is Kent Magnuson, but details of their mother are still under wraps. As young teenagers, Abbie and Kayden have already achieved a lot. They could have a net worth between $200 thousand to $400,000 and assuredly are financially independent.

The siblings are most known for their roles as Caitlyn and Carrie Winters, the daughters of Abby and Wes, in the Canadian/American drama television series Chesapeake Shores, based on the best-selling novel that goes by the same name.

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The Young Canadian Actresses’ Role In Chesapeake Shores

Abbie plays Caitlyn Winters, and Kayden plays Carrie Winters in the family drama Chesapeake Shores. They have been connected with the series from its premiere season in 2016 till the last season in 2021.


The eldest daughter of Abby, Carrie is a stylish young lady who studies in Manhattan at an exclusive private school alongside her twin sister Caitlyn. She warms up to her devoted great-grandmother Nell right away when she welcomes her to Chesapeake Shores. However, Carrie worries that she may eventually be forced to move in with her father and his new wife, which is not a fun scenario.

Caitlyn also follows a similar plot line as Carrie. She also doesn’t want to move in with her father and stepmother.

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