Laurel Coppock From Toyota Commercial Is An Established Actress Now

Laurel Coppock from the Toyota commercial is an award-winning actress who competed with 500 women for the role of Jan. 

Over the years, The Groundlings has entertained the people by making them laugh and enjoy themselves at their best. And Laurel Coppock is a member of the company based in Los Angeles. 

She has worked in several hit TV movies, comedy theatre, and more. Regardless, the actress is best known as the Toyota lady for the role of Jan. 

Let’s learn about the commercial star who made her name in the industry and won the heart of millions of people. She got nominated for around 40 awards for her outstanding and pleasing work. 

Who Is Laurel Coppock From Toyota Commercial? 

Laurel Coppock is well-recognized for her role as a Jan in Toyota Commercial, becoming its star. However, she had difficulties landing this part of her job. 

Getting this role was not simple for Laurel, as she had to audition and compete against 500 women. At that time, she had hired two agents for commercial as the actress opened up, 

“I was sort of always the bridesmaid, which I auditioned for incidentally and also didn’t get. If you have good agents they’ll encourage you. I took a hiatus because I was kind of losing my mind.”

Thankfully, a break helped her land her role at Toyota. She was one of the four women to demo spots, waiting for around three months to get the job. 

After hiring her, Toyota later came up with the character name Jan. She shared her exciting moment with the people at the time, 

“I feel really lucky to have that job. She feels very well-rounded and thought out. They have a long bio and back story for Jan.”

“When the crew comes together it feels like we are back shooting our show… There is recognizability from being part of something like the commercials. There’s goodwill for that character.”

Laurel Coppock
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Get Wind Of Laurel Coppock Age & Her Accomplished Career 

Laurel Coppock was born on 17 July 1977 in Boston, Massachusetts. As of 2022, she has reached 45 years of age with a sun sign of Cancer. 

Although Laurel is yet to have a profile on Wikipedia, her biography is available on IMDb. Besides her accomplished carer in the entertainment world, the actress completed her education at Colby College and got a degree in Performing Arts. 

Furthermore, to enhance her acting career, she studied acting in the Square Acting Conservatory at the Circle. Her dream started to come true when she got cast in Amsterdam in the comedy theater Boom Chicago. 

Thus, her journey to the entertainment world begins & her fame further hiked when she got the role in Toyota’s commercial. 

Laurel Coppock
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Laurel Coppock Net Worth As An Actress 

Laurel Coppock expected net worth in 2022 is roughly over $1 million. She is an actress who has earned fame in the industry for years. 

Over the years, she has starred in different hit movies like “Comedy Jam,” “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” “Computer Networking,” “How to Cheat on Your Wife,” “Food chain,” and more. 

She is famous by the name “Jan the Toyota Lady” and has appeared in several commercials. Her estimated earnings are approximately over $60,000 yearly. 

Laurel Coppock
Source : imdb

Did Laurel Coppock Married Her Boyfriend? Meet The Actress Husband 

Laurel Coppock married her long-term boyfriend, Bobby Mort. The actress and her husband share two children in their family, who seem to be living a low-profile life. 

Meanwhile, Bobby is an American actor, writer, and producer notable for his work like Under the City and Dead Men Walking. 

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