A Look At Peter Dutton’s Hefty Net Worth Of $200 Million and Wealth In Real Estate

The candidate for Australia’s next prime minister, Peter Dutton, has established a handsome investment portfolio worth millions of dollars.

Dutton has a sizable net worth as he has been actively investing in real estate since he was appointed a director of the family trust, Dutton Holdings, in 1992.

Speaking about his wealth, Dutton’s real estate holdings are currently estimated to be valued at more than $5 million. It’s one of Australia’s most costly residences, according to prestige brokers, and is situated on 1940 square meters of beachfront land with a swimming pool, boatshed, and private jetty.

From Brisbane to Gladstone, eight investment properties worth more than $2 million were bought and sold up to his resignation as a director in late 2006.

Dutton has served as a minister in the Howard, Abbott, Turnbull, and Morrison administrations while serving as the representative for the Queensland district of Dickson in the House of Representatives since 2001.

He represents a seat outside of New South Wales and is the first Liberal leader since Alexander Downer to be from Queensland.

Peter Dutton Hefty Net Worth Of $200 Million

Peter Dutton has a net worth of $200 Million. He includes a lavish $2.3 million beachfront property at Queensland’s Palm Beach, which documents indicate he purchased in 2014, among his interests.

In February 2021, Peter Dutton sold a vacation home in Millionaires Row on the Gold Coast for $6 million.
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The Palm Beach home pays Dutton and his wife $1500 a week in rent. In addition to purchasing an apartment in the Brisbane community of The Johnson at Spring Hill for $629,500 in 2016, he also purchased a residence in the Canberra neighborhood of Kingston in 2012.

Dutton’s wife Kirilly, the sole director and owner of RHT Investments, another family trust, bought a store.

Records indicate that the Edison Plaza Shopping Centre in Townsville, with its 11 shop tenants, was purchased in 2016 for $760,000.

The value of the Duttons’ real estate holdings is estimated to be above $5 million. Dutton has made $4.6 million in earnings by selling off a large portion of its enterprise during the past few years.

However, even the high price they paid was a bit of a bargain. He sold his vacation property in Millionaire’s Row on the Gold Coast for $6 million in February 2021 after selling it at auction for $4.35 million.

Dutton also has an apartment in Canberra and a rental property at the Moreton Island resort Tangalooma.

Peter Dutton Wealth Through Real Estate

Peter Dutton has amassed substantial wealth through real estate. He has amassed a multimillion-dollar portfolio involving real estate.

His family’s home is a six-bedroom mansion with a pool on two hectares in Camp Mountain, an acre estate in the hinterland behind Brisbane, which he bought in 2003 for $710,000.

Dickson is his electorate. Dutton wants to remove Malcolm Turnbull from office, although Turnbull has a much more extensive property portfolio.

The estimated value of Mr. Turnbull’s family home, a sizable waterfront mansion in Point Piper, Sydney, is among the highest in Australia. At the same time, Mr. Dutton’s property is worth over $1 million.

The 1930s Mediterranean-style house that Turnbull and his wife Lucy inhabit is compared to the neighboring mansion Altona, which sold for more than $60 million in 2016.

In 2000, he and his father established Dutton Holdings, a company that went by six different trading and corporate identities.

The business purchased, remodeled, and transformed structures into daycare centers. In 2002, it sold three of these facilities to the now-defunct ABC Learning.

A $100,000 rent payment to Dutton Holdings was made by ABC Learning. Under the name Dutton Building & Development, Dutton Holdings continues to conduct business.

Peter Dutton Wife Kirilly Dutton Is A Businesswoman

Kirilly Dutton is the sole director and owner of RHT Investments, a family trust who recently bought a store. Records indicate that the Edison Plaza Shopping Centre in Townsville, with its 11 shop tenants, was purchased in 2016 for $760,000.

Peter Dutton and his wife Kirilly Dutton
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Additionally, Kirilly Dutton is a director of the Bald Hills Child Care facility, which is registered to her Camp Mountain residence.

Together, Kirilly and Peter have a remarkable property portfolio of six properties, one of which is a Townsville shopping center, in addition to the successful daycare business.

Peter and Kirilly were married in July 2003 in a beautiful Italian ceremony. For many years, the couple had been dating.

The dedicated Kirilly was the personal assistant to Sarina Russo, who founded the Sarina Russo Group, Australia’s largest private-sector employment provider when they first met.

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