Why Did Jose Urquidy Change His Name? Wife Estefania Duran Explains It All

Mexican professional baseball pitcher Jose Urquidy
Mexican professional baseball pitcher Jose Urquidy ( Source : chron )

A baseball pitcher Jose Urquidy changed his name, and now everyone knows him for his new identity. 

Urquidy's popularity hiked when he signed as an international free agent with the Houston Astros. Later, in 2019, he was promoted to the major leagues and had his debut.

He is a baseball pitcher in Major League Baseball for the Houston Astros. As of 2022, he has a 24-12 win-loss record, with a 3.74 earned run average and 274 strikeouts. Being active in the field for years, he is known for his stability, marking the spot. No surprise, he has caught attention lately after stating his desire to play at the World Baseball Classix for Team Mexico. 

Intending to play in the tournament, the player continues to give his best in the 2022 season. In July, he reached a career-high eight innings, with all three runs. 

Will he be able to achieve his aim? All the questions on the players have started to raise his followers' interest. Moreover, the hype for him has once again recalled the memory of when he changed his name. 

Birthdate1 May 1995
HometownMazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico
WifeEstefania Duran
TeamHouston Astros

Why Did Jose Urquidy Change His Name? 

Jose Urquidy changes his name from "Jose Luis Hernandez," and there seems to be a deep meaning behind it. Since the 2019 season, he started playing the matches using his new identity. 

Many celebs have tributed their loved ones by having tats or other things. However, for Jose, he changed his name as a tribute to his beloved mother, Alma. He played as an international free agent for around four years, using his old last name Luis Hernandez. 

Under the same last old name, he made his professional debut in 2015 and had his first professional season experience with Tri-City ValleyCats, and Greenville Astros. In the following years, he pitched with Lancaster JetHawks and Quad Cities River Bandits. 

Later in 2019, Jose started his rookie season in Houston Astros on 2 July after changing his last name to Urquidy. As he got promoted to the major leagues, he requested to change his last name to honor his mother. He kicked off the 2019 season with the new name and had a pitched record of 41 innings. 

Likewise, as his name Jose Urquidy, he played in the 2019 World Series in Game 4. That made him the third Mexican-born starting pitcher in the World Series. He also managed to win the game, making him the second Mexican-born to win the game. 

The player now only uses his new last name, which has become his identity in the baseball world. 

Baseball pitcher Jose Urquidy
Baseball pitcher Jose Urquidy ( Source : instagram )

Jose Urquidy Wife Estefania Duran Explains It All

Jose Urquidy finally married his wife, Estefania Duran, in January 2022 after dating for around two years. The couple held a beautiful wedding, inviting all their close ones to the ceremony. 

Being excited about the ceremony, Jose also shared the memory of his wedding on his Instagram with the caption, "Thank you very much for your messages and good wishes!!! Thank you, thank you so much."

Well, it has been over eight months since the couple has been happily married to each other. They have taken a new step in their life and are thrilled to achieve more milestones in the coming days. 

Likewise, his wife Estefania has also shared her heartwarming emotions towards Jose, describing her wedding day as one of the most wonderful days of her life. She shared their beautiful picture while calling out for happiness and mutual love.

Who Is Jose Urquidy Wife Estefania Duran?

Estefania Duran is famous for being the celeb spouse of professional baseball pitcher Jose Urquidy. She has cheered him in every game and has also been with him in his thick and thin. 

Besides being known as Urquidy's better half, Estefania is a well-known dental specialist with an accomplished medicinal background. She serves in Smile Kiddies as its general dentist and is a specialist in pediatric dentistry. 

Duran mainly looks after the oral health care of infants and children. Also, as per her Insta, she is a specialist in maxillary orthopedics. On top of that, she is also an internet personality with more than 10k followers on her Instagram. 

She goes by the user handle @estefaniaduranv on Insta. All her followers and her husband, Jose's fans, love her to the core. 

Jose Urquidy with his wife Estefania Urquidy
Jose Urquidy with his wife Estefania Urquidy ( Source : instagram )

Does Jose Urquidy Have Children?

Jose Urquidy does not have children now; however, his wife, Estefania, is expecting a daughter with him. The couple announced the good news on 20 June, sharing their joyful moment. 

Estefania revealed her pregnancy news, opening up emotions on Instagram, "When god decided to send you to me, I felt like the luckiest person in the world. Now we have the same heart beating together, waiting for your arrival. Gordi baby, we love you, and you make us the happiest people in the universe."

The couple has revealed that they will have a daughter, with the excitement of a new family member. They expected the baby's arrival in the world in January 2023. 

Jose and Estefania held a special moment in the stadium. She pitched the ball to him, and soon after, the pink appeared, announcing its a girl.

Jose Urquidy and his wife Estefania Urquidy expecting a daughter
Jose Urquidy and his wife Estefania Urquidy expecting a daughter ( Source : instagram )

Family Facts  On MLB Player Jose Urquidy 

Jose Urquidy was born on 1 May 1995 in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico, to his Mexican parents. He grew up in the family with his mom, Alma Alicia, who supported him in his baseball career. 

MLB player Jose seems close to his mother, who often sends him messages for good health and prosperity. Alma is the proud mother of his son and his accomplishment. She watches her child's game and has seen him make history during the match between the Astros and Washington Nationals. 

Despite the distance between the mother and her child, they still managed to get in contact through messages. As the player explains, "She's (Alma) always there sending me messages, supporting me."

He usually talks with his mom, and she has helped him a lot during his pressurized schedule and the games. The player has now set off on his own journey to build a happy family with his wife, who is expecting a baby.

How Much Is Jose Urquidy Net Worth In 2022?

Jose Urquidy expected net worth in 2022 is over $1 million. He is a Mexican professional baseball pitcher who plays Major League Baseball for the Houston Astros. 

Urquidy started his baseball career in 2015 as an international free agent and made his debut as a rookie in 2019. He has been active in the field for over five years and has earned a fortune. 

Besides, he lives a comfortable lifestyle with his family. He has over 70k followers on his Instagram account. His fans admire him and take him as an inspiration. 

Jose Urquidy ready to throw a ball
Jose Urquidy ready to throw a ball ( Source : instagram )

Jose Urquidy Salary As A Baseball Pitcher

Jose Urquidy estimated salary is about $748,700 annually, with no signing bonus. He plays for the Houston Astros in the MLB season and has been playing as a rookie since 2019. 

Over the years, Urquidy salary only seems to be rising and is expected to hike more in the future. The player started playing as a rookie with over 150,000 as his basic salary. 

MLB player Jose Urquidy
MLB player Jose Urquidy ( Source : instagram )

Taking a glance at his salary records, Jose's earnings have risen by more than $500,000 throughout the years of his activeness. 

Some FAQs

How Old Is Jose Urquidy?

Jose Urquidy was born on May 1, 1995. The baseball pitcher is 27 years old.

What Is Jose Urquidy Mother Name?

Jose Urquidy was born to mom Alma Alicia Urquidy. He changed his name to honor her.

Is Jose Urquidy Married?

Yes, Jose Urquidy married his girlfriend Estefania Urquidy.

What Was Jose Urquidy Name Before?

His name was Jose Luis Hernandez Urquidy before changing it.