Sean Manaea Girlfriend In 2022, Is The Pitcher Still Dating Megan?

A popular MLB pitcher Sean Manaea is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Talat Miralek, and he was in a relationship with Megan Stone previously.

Sean Anthony Manaea is a 30 years old professional pitcher for an MLB team, the San Diego Padres, who was recently transferred from the Oakland Athletics. He was drafted by the Kanna City Royal in the 2013 MLB draft. After two years, he got transferred to Oakland Athletics in 2015 and made his debut from their side in 2016.

People started recognizing him after a no-hitter on April 17, 2018. That was unexpected for many of the baseball fans, but they got to know about a great pitcher that day.

Before his MLB career, he played collegiate baseball at NCAA from his enrolled college Indiana State University.

Quick Facts:

Full Name Sean Anthony Manaea
Date of Birth February 1, 1992
Age 30 years
Spouse Girlfriend -Talat Mirmalek
Nationality American
Net Worth Around $8 Million

Sean Manaea Current Girlfriend Talat Mirmalek

Sean Manaea and Talat Mirmalek are said to be dating since they are often spotted traveling together and on Sean’s Instagram.

They are seen together many times, especially on Sean’s Instagram, where he likes to post some memories that they spent together and good wishes.

Sean and Talat on a beach to spend some time together
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There is barely anything about Talat on the internet, and she also made her Instagram private, but it was found that she is a Persian. The couple holds different nationalities but their bonds look strong. In a birthday wish post by sean, he mentioned that he saw Talat grow up from childhood. So they knew each other way before then they moved into a relationship.

Traveling and spending time on different occasions like Halloween are some favorite things for them to do when they are together. There is a Halloween matching costume picture of them is Sean’s Instagram, where they look perfect, matching each other vibes.

Visiting parks, enjoying everything together, are the best way for them to enjoy their time
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Sean Manaea Is No Longer In A Relationship With Megan Stone

Sean and Megan Stone were a famous couple when they were in a relationship, but sadly it couldn’t last for long.

Megan was a Fitness trainer. She worked to help people with their fitness growth by considering workouts, nutrition, stress, and so on. After all, she learned muscle monitoring therapy. She was into baseball, too, as she was a softball pitcher.

Megan was close not only to Sean but also to his mother, Opal. They used to cheer sean from the stadium sitting next to each other.

Their breakup was a surprise for almost everyone since the couples were close to each other. The exact reason for their breakup is not disclosed.

Sean Manaea’s Girlfriend With His Family

Talat Mirmalek is not seen as very close to Sean’s family, and she is barely spotted while watching Manaea matches in the stadium.

Middle on is Megan watching match with Sean's mom Opal (Left)
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However, Sean’s ex-girlfriend Megan was really close to his family and parents as well. She was spotted in the stadium sitting together with Sean’s mom Opal.

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