Cal Ripken Jr And Kevin Costner Feud, Wife Kelly Ripken In the Middle

Cal Ripken Jr married his wife Kelly Ripken in 1987 and were together for 29 years. He once made headlines for a feud with actor Kevin Costner and Kelly was in the middle of it.

Ripken full name Calvin Edwin Ripken, Jr, is an American professional baseball player born on August 24, 1960, in Havre De Grace, Maryland, USA. He is one of the most durable players in professional sports history.

American actor, producer, film director, and musician Kevin Michael Costner was born on January 18, 1955. In addition to two Oscars and two Golden Globes, he has also won two Screen Actors Guild Awards and a Primetime Emmy.

On November 13, 1987, Kelly Ripken married Cal at the Townson United Methodist Church in Towson, Maryland. Joan Marie, Kelly’s mother, was the first to meet her future son-in-law. They met at Cockeysville’s Corner Stable restaurant. She asked the star to sign an autograph on a napkin for her daughter.

Quick Facts About Cal Ripken jr

Full Name Calvin Edwin Ripken Jr
Marital Status Divorced
Children Rachel and Ryan
Profession Baseball shortstop
Net Worth $75 million

Cal Ripken Jr And Kevin Costner Feud: Wife Kelly Ripken In the Middle

The rumor about Cal Ripken’s junior former wife and Kevin Costner’s Feud made a huge disaster.

The Baltimore Orioles and Seattle Mariners were forced to postpone their game on August 14, 1997, due to a partial electrical breakdown at Oriole Park at Camden Yards that impacted a bank of lights along the first base line. The strange episode not only frustrated the sellout crowd and players from both teams, but also gave rise to a lurid tale between Cal Ripken Jr. and Kevin Costner that still circulates today.

A popular version of the rumor, which Ripken and Costner have denied and the fact-checking website Snopes declared false in 2001, goes as follows: Ripken allegedly discovered his then-wife, Kelly, in bed with Costner on the day of the postponement, and an altercation ensued.

 Legend has it that the Iron Man couldn’t make it to the stadium in time because he was either hurt or in police custody as a result, so someone messed with the lights on purpose to keep his record consecutive games played streak going. On Monday, October 5, 2021, a narrative podcast hosted by ardent Orioles fans Sam Dingman and Mac Montandon was launched. It chronicles that night in Baltimore over 25 years ago and the mythical story it gave rise to.

Kelly has been a great mother to two fabulous children and a wonderful, faithful wife for the duration of the parties' relationship, which lasted more than 28 years
Source : baltimoresun

 In the series, aptly dubbed “The Rumor” and created by Blue Wire, Dingman and Montandon take a serious and humorous look at the disproved story while concurrently exploring deeper and frequently personal topics relating to fandom and the myths people choose to believe in.
“It’s about fandom, conspiracy, rumor, innuendo, and how important the truth is,” executive producer Peter Moses explained. “This has been a cool project for all of us to kind of ask those questions of ourselves as we’re making it, and I hope that those conversations that we’ve had are something that people can connect with beyond whether or not this rumor is true.”

Growing up as baseball fans who idolized Ripken and lived their lives according to the Oriole Way, Dingman and Montandon was aware of the rumor, but neither gave it much credence. Then, in early 2020, Montandon went to a party and struck up a conversation with an off-duty police officer who claimed the entire thing was true. The chance meeting prompted dozens of interviews to find answers.

Questioning the line between lore and actuality is something Dingman has always been interested in. In his podcast “Family Ghosts,” which he has aired for the past five years, he explores family secrets, myths, and legends that have been passed down down the generations about spectral relatives. In addition to being apprehensive about exposing past scars for those involved, Dingman and Montandon, who met in 2014, were hesitant to pursue this project because of what they could find about Ripken, their childhood hero and the epitome of honesty.

Cal RipkenJr. played 21 seasons as shortstop and third baseman for the Baltimore Orioles.
Source : sikids

Rather than gossiping, Dingman and Montandon investigate the story with a reporter’s eye. This rumor has a lot of source material for a rumor that started before social media.

 Costner was pictured with Cal and Kelly Ripken at the Kennedy Center premiere of “Dances With Wolves” in 1990, and he took batting practice at Baltimore’s Memorial Stadium in July 1991. When Ripken announced his retirement in 2001, Chuck Booms, the host of Fox Sports Radio’s “Kiley & Booms” show, rehashed the rumor that had been circulating in the days following the postponement. When Costner learned of the discussion, he called into the show the next day to deny it.

Costner told Booms that he had met Kelly Ripken twice and had “talked to her for about 10 minutes total.”He added that he had never been to the Ripken home. Mariam Khan of Blue Wire spent months locating the Costner interview audio, but for some reason after first allowing Dingman and Montandon to use it in their podcast, the network changed its mind.

Costner campaigned for Barack Obama in 2008.
Source : variety

Mariam Khan of Blue Wire spent months locating the Costner interview audio, but for some reason after first allowing Dingman and Montandon to use it in their podcast, the network changed its mind. Ripken addressed the notion in an interview with Neal Conan on NPR’s “Talk of the Nation” in 2008. In an email to the show, Patrick from Jacksonville, Florida, asked the query and added, “Why, if the story goes the way some of us had heard it, real O’s fans can’t blame you for it.

Cal Ripken divorced Kelly Ripken in 2016, and Cal remarried in 2018. Even if the Hall of Famer still harbors resentment at Costner for alleged past wrongdoings, it doesn’t appear that it has changed how he feels about the actor’s acting. Ripken told The Washington Post in 2017 that his favorite baseball movie was “Bull Durham,” in which Costner plays a veteran minor league.

Cal Ripken Jr Children – Meet The Family

Cal Ripken Jr and his former wife are blessed with two children, Ryan and Rachel.

Ryan Ripken, the son of Baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. and a former Orioles minor leaguer, announced his retirement from professional baseball in late July. “It’s a culmination of so many different aspects of your career and life,” Ripken said on Glenn Clark Radio on August 9. “He devoted much time to pursuing his dream of becoming a professional baseball player.”

Ryan Ripken a baseball player is a son of Cal Ripken Jr.
Source : baltimoresun

Baltimore drafted the 2012 Gilman School graduate in the 20th round of the 2012 MLB Draft, but he chose to sign with South Carolina. Ripken transferred to Indian River State College, a junior college in Fort Pierce, Fla, after a year with the Gamecocks in which he did not play. Ripken was selected in the 15th round by the Washington Nationals in 2014 and remained with the team until March 2017, when he was released and signed by Baltimore.

In November 2021, Ripken elected free agency. He decided to hang up his cleats this summer, even though he was still unsigned.

Where as Rachel is an Assistant Athletic Director. She started as a freshman in 2008 and has worked her way up the ranks. She was recently promoted to the assistant athletic director for community outreach on July 1, 2021. On August 1, 2018, she was named director of community outreach, which entails her duties as Community Outreach Manager, which she has done since being promoted on July 1, 2016.

Rachel Ripken an Assistant Athletic Director is a daughter of Cal Ripken Jr
Source : twitter

She oversees all community outreach initiatives and popular programming for the athletic department, including Reading with the Buffs, Chip’s Kids Club, and Ralphie’s Kids Roundup. She oversees CU’s spirit groups, which include cheer, dance, the costumed mascot, Chip, and the Ralphie live mascot program.

 The staff adviser to CU’s Student-Athlete Advisory Board (SAAC), with whom she works on the yearly CUSPY’s, also arranges coach and student-athlete appearances and opportunities for Leadership Through Service in the community (CU Sports Performers of the Year).

Cal Ripken Net Worth And Career Earnings

Cal Ripken Jr. is a retired American professional baseball player with over 75 million dollars in net worth.

Ripken Jr. was a shortstop and third baseman for the Baltimore Orioles for 21 seasons. Ripken was a 19-time All-Star who won two Gold Glove Awards for his defense. He is perhaps best remembered for breaking Lou Gehrig’s record for consecutive games played, which had stood for 56 years and was widely thought to be unbreakable.

Cal Ripken is a former professional baseball player with a net worth of $5 million
Source : caknowledge

Ripken, Jr. was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility in 2007. Ripken is regarded as one of the best shortstops and third basemen in baseball history, and he holds the record for most home runs hit as a shortstop.

Some FAQs

Who are the kids of Cal Ripken Jr?

Ryan and Rachel Ripken are the two kids of Cal Ripken Jr.

What is Cal Ripken famous for?

Ripken holds the record for consecutive games played, 2,632, surpassing Lou Gehrig’s streak of 2,130 that had stood for 56 years and that many deemed unbreakable.

How Much Does Cal Ripken Jr Earns?

Cal Ripken Jr. is a retired American professional baseball player who has a net worth of $75 million.

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