Who Is Deka Walmsley? Facts About The Cast From A Banquet

Deka Walmsley, 56, who hails from Corbridge, Northumberland, cast a British horror movie, ‘A Banquet.’

Deka Walmsley is an actor who has appeared in films such as Billy Elliot: The Musical Live (2014), Sub Zero (2006), Vera (2011), and A Banquet.

Ruth Paxton directed, and Justin Bull wrote A Banquet, a British horror film. In September 2021, the film had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

His most recent performance was as George Brown in Lee Hall’s The Pitmen Painters, a character he created in the original production at Newcastle’s Live Theatre and subsequent runs at the National Theatre, UK tour, and Broadway.

A Banquet Cast Deka Walmsley Age – How Old Is He?

Deka Walmsley, 56, stars in the British film ‘A Banquet.’

Even though he has appeared in numerous films, he has chosen to keep his family information and personal background a secret.

He acts with zeal and passion, and he plays an exciting role in the films he has appeared in. 

Aside from that, he has performed in theatres where he has had the opportunity to explore and express himself as an actor fully.

Deka Walmsley Wife Revealed

Chloe Lamford is Deka Walmsley’s wife. Her wife’s identity and occupation have remained a mystery. 

He prefers to avoid the limelight and keep his personal life hidden from the public eye. 

He appears to adore his wife, and the last thing on his mind seems to be staying with her and spending time with her.

He is a multi-talented actor with enough skills and skills to make a name for himself in the film industry.

Deka Walmsley Wikipedia And Bio Explored

Deka Walmsley (born July 22, 1965) is an actor who starred as George Brown in Lee Hall’s The Pitmen Painters, which ran from September 14 to December 12, 2010, at Broadway’s Samuel J. Friedman Theatre. However, his personal Wikipedia and Bio are not available on the web.

Born in Corbridge, Northumberland, and raised in Wallsend, Northumberland, roughly 5 miles east of Newcastle. 

His first stage appearance was in a piece called “Hair in the Gate” at Newcastle’s Live Theatre, directed by Max Roberts, who also runs Pitmen Painters. 

He was drawn to The Pitmen Painters because of his long affiliation with Live Theatre, Max Roberts, and Lee, whom he has known since they were both 15 years old. He agreed when they asked.

Meet Deka Walmsley On His Instagram.

Deka Walmsley is a skilled actor who keeps his life away from the spotlight. He doesn’t even use major social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. 

He is a determined performer who prioritizes his career and avoids social media. 

As a result, the actor has progressed in his life without any activity on social media that may have represented his profession and success information.


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