A police K9 Cort Bit And Stabbed By Suspect Kurt Dasilva- Who Is He?

A police K9 Cort was left injured during an arrest of Kurt Dasilva after the Fairfield Police Department received a call of a break-in. 

Kurt stabbed and bit a police K9 while evading arrest which left the dog badly wounded. 

The chain reaction began when a male suspect broke into the home of an elderly victim located in the 1700 block of Elm Street in the North Bay city. The victim managed to flee the house while dialing 911.

During that time, dispatchers received another call reporting that the same suspect had just attempted to steal an Amazon delivery truck and threatened to kill the driver.

Officers located the suspect inside the victim’s home and unsuccessfully attempted to coax him out. They were eventually forced to enter the house in an attempt to apprehend the man.

A police dog was let loose to corner the suspect. However, Kurt bit Cort in the face while stabbing the dog in the left side with a knife. Officers eventually cuffed him and later identified him as Kurt Dasilva. 

The 44-year-old suspect appeared he was under the influence of drugs.

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K9 Cort Bit And Stabbed By Suspect Kurt Dasilva – How Is His Health Condition?

An arrest of a suspect Kurt Dasilva on account of a break-in led to a flurry of events that lead to a police dog K9 Cort being bitten and stabbed by the suspect himself as he tried to evade the arrest. 

AT 2 p.m., authorities received a call from an elderly person about a break-in at his home located in the 1700 block of Elm Street in the North Bay city. The resident had managed to escape unharmed and had called the police immediately. 

The police department received a report from an Amazon driver that a man had threatened to kill him and steal his delivery truck. The two calls came in simultaneously with barely a gap between them. 

When the Officers arrived outside the house, they discovered Dasilva running around inside. They tried in vain to persuade him to come outside. Police were eventually forced to move inside in order to arrest Dasilva and let lose a police dog named Cort.

Under the influence of drugs, Kort bit K9 Cort in the face and stabbed him in the left side with a knife. Officers were able to apprehend him safely after a flurry of events.

According to police, Cort was treated at UC Davis Veterinary Hospital and is currently recovering at home with his handler.

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Who Is Suspect Kurt Dasilva?

Kurt Dasilva is a suspect arrested on April 21 on charges of a break-in and harming a police dog on Wednesday. 

While evading arrest, Dasilva was a little injured. He was treated at a local hospital before being booked into the Solano County Jail on multiple felony charges, including carjacking, burglary, endangering a police dog, and violating parole.

According to court records, he was also charged with misdemeanor obstructing or resisting an officer.

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