Aaron Ramsdale Has Two Brothers, Oliver And Edward Ramsdale

Aaron Ramsdale spent his childhood with his older brothers, Oliver and Edward, in Chesterton. His brothers were responsible for the young Aaron since the early days.

Aaron grew up in the laps of his parents, Nick and Caroline. At this juncture, Oliver Ramsdale is a rising actor in the entertainment industry, while Edward Ramsdale is a prison officer. 

Born on 14 May 1998 in Stoke-in-Trent and raised in Chesterton, he is the last-born child of Nick and Caroline Ramsdale. Oliver and Edward are his elder brothers. Aaron has created a name for himself in the game of soccer with constant support and love from his household. 

Full named Aaron Christopher Ramsdale, he serves as a goalkeeper for the Premier League Club, Arsenal, and the England national team. His brother, Oliver, took to Twitter to congratulate Aaron when he was signed up to play as a goalie for Arsenal. He is the second goalkeeper from the English Squad in FIFA Worldcup 2022.

Aaron Ramsdale Has Two Brothers, Oliver And Edward Ramsdale

Aaron Ramsdale has two brothers, Oliver and Edward Ramsdale. Aaron is the youngest child of Nick and Caroline Ramsdale.

His brother, Oliver, is in the film industry, while Edward is in the security sector as a rugby player. The family does not have a daughter. Three sons and two parents constitute the Ramsdale family.

Of the two brothers, Oliver is the most sensible one. Parents, brothers, and relatives call Oliver endearingly Ollie. On the other hand, Edward is a bit heavy towards his siblings, especially the younger brother, Aaron.

Born on 14 May 1998 in Stoke-in-Trent and raised in Chesterton, he is the last-born child of Nick and Caroline Ramsdale. Oliver and Edward are his elder brothers
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The Ramsdale brother grew up in Chesterton. Aaron worshipped Trotter’s legend Jussi Jaaskelainen. Aaron was released at 15 from the training center because he couldn’t kick due to his small stature. Back then, Aaron measured five feet eight inches. After a growth spurt, he is calibrated to a giant lankiness of six feet two inches, rectifying those shortcomings. 

Aaron Ramsdale Brother Oliver Ramsdale Is An Actor

Aaron Ramsdale loves watching movies of his older brother, Oliver Ramsdale. Oliver is in the entertainment business as an actor and a model.

Movie watchers have seen Oliver’s acting chops on the silver screen. Dark hair, hazel-tinted eyes in a medium-built body charm up the screen with his presence. 

Oliver attended Laine Theatre Arts, an independent performing art college based in Surrey. He completed three years of study in Musical Theatre in 2015. The College has perfected his acting ability further. 


He is also credited for acting in theatre. He joined the ensemble cast in Whit(e) Christmas and Dick Whittington musicals.  Munkustrap/Swing in CatsJoe’s Dad in Our HouseA Stair(e) at a Time, and Flying in at 40! are some of his theatre works.Bet365 featured Oliver in one of their commercial. 

Olivier’s film credits include The Princess Switch 3 (2021) and Pulp (2013). He appeared on a smaller screen for iTV’s program, Sunday Night At The Palladium. In addition, he has acted in two music videos of artist MIKA – Talk About You and Good Guys.  

Oliver Ramsdale, elder brother of Aaron Ramsdale, is known for Pulp (2013) and The Princess Switch 3 (2021).
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He regards acting on a bigger screen as one notch higher than on a smaller theatre screen.  Besides acting, he can lend his voice to a song. Also, any dance master can teach him to groove to beats and music. 

Oliver can drive cars and buses without taking body double. He is yet to be recognized in any award ceremony. Access Artiste Management Limited represents him.  

Aaron Ramsdale Family Supported His Career Growth From The Beginning

The Ramsdale family set Aaron’s soccer journey in motion from the beginning.

His parents introduced Aaron to gymnastics before letting him find his way in soccer. An agile, fit body can be a great blessing in footballing; they knew it and implemented it over Aaron. The family is the crucial reason for Aaron’s illustrious career that he has now. 

Aaron Ramsdale Brought His Grandfather's Ashes To His Arsenal Unveiling.
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His brothers, Oliver and Edward, ensured he stayed on the right life path. The elder brother- Edward, would scold Aaron for impertinence and arrogance with intimidation and discipline. Any breach of discipline would result in an odd spot of brother, which Aaron hated to be in then. That strictness is the main reason for his now immovable foundation and disciplined gameplay. 

His brother Edward was a real bully when disciplining young Aaron. Edward would beat Aaron up and pin him against the wall. Occasionally, he would threaten to inflict pain on Aaron’s thumb by holding and grabbing it roughly. As a result, Aaron would scream with the pain. Finally, Edward would remind Aaron to be very careful next time. 


Only Oliver was a saint when it came to disciplining young Aaron. Additionally, he would urge Aaron not to throw away the opportunities and familial support he is given. Finally, when Aaron is underperforming, Oliver usually rings and chats with Aaron to boost Aaron’s morale and energy.

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