Why Was Adin Ross Swatted On Live Stream? Mugshots With Ishowspeed Surprise Fans

While three armed police officers approached Twitch star Adin Ross’ bedroom with weapons drawn in a swatting attempt caught on stream last night, controversial content creator Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins Jr. was recently swatted while on stream and ended up in custody.

Adin Ross stood up to use the restroom while he was streaming. Three policemen entered his room not long after with their firearms drawn. After a brief search of his room, the cops moved on to the remainder of his residence.

Ross returned to the space and announced the stream’s termination, appearing a little taken aback.

Why Was Adin Ross Swatted On Live Stream?

Adin Ross has sadly received swattings before. Ross was swatted for the first time at home, but he had previously been hit at a live fan event in Los Angeles a little over a year before. Ross was upset even though the arrest turned out to be a hoax.

Swatting is when viewers, trolls, and rival gamers learn a streamer’s address and then contact the police or FBI to report a dangerous situation. They frequently claim that there are hostages or weapons present.

Many well-known streamers have encountered this terrifying situation, including xQc, who had to move several times to escape being swatted “every day.” Swatting has previously resulted in gamers being killed by the police.

Ross hasn’t made any public statements since the event on his recent live feed.

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Adin Ross Charges After Being Swatted

Adin Ross, a Twitch broadcaster, was recently swatted live on stream during a broadcast. He afterward apologized to his community on Twitter, although he has not yet been charged or is in jail.

Four police officers arrived at Adin Ross’ home on August 7 with guns drawn. Adin discussed the circumstance in a 45-second Twitter video and promised to give the situation in complete detail later.

Ross has been a victim of swatting before, but this is the first time we know it occurred at his home location.

Adin was relaxing with some gambling stuff after a lengthy broadcast when suddenly, police arrived. There are a total of four officers seen, each holding a weapon.

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Ishowspeed Was Also Arrested During A Live Stream

Esports expert Jake Lucky posted a disturbing video of three police officers handcuffing IShowSpeed just before a feed concluded.

As the authorities continue questioning IShowSpeed off camera, one of the police officers eventually requests the individual behind the camera to stop streaming and even pushes the phone away. IShowSpeed can be heard discussing the situation with the authorities.

The circumstance made IShowSpeed’s supporters nervous. The police’s handling of the situation was criticized by several in the streaming community, who said that forcing them to cease filming was against the law.

Adin Ross and IShowSpeed have received support from the streaming community, concerned about the recent spike in swatting incidents against streamers. Felix “xQc” Lengyel, a prominent streamer, recently had to relocate to escape being swatted daily.

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