Who Is Adriano Barbosa TikTok? Beleza Meme Explained

Es Adriano Barbosa is a Portuguese TikTok star. It is high time that we get used to the word “was” instead of “is” because Barbosa reportedly died today, 1 August 2022. He was famous for his catchphrase “Beleza,” which he frequently used while answering his followers’ questions.

Barbosa always posted his contents in his native language, Portuguese; therefore, retrieving information about what he talks about in his TikTok videos can be challenging. Nonetheless, let us dive into what we know about the Portuguese TikTok celebrity Es Adriano Barbosa and his tagline “Beleza.”

Who Es Adriano Barbosa From TikTok?

Es Adriano Barbosa, present on TikTok as @adrianobarboza333, is a Portuguese TikTok creator with 262.3 thousand followers and 4.6 million likes on the app.

Barbosa always uses his native language while making TikTok videos, but anyone can guess he creates funny videos on TikTok. It can be difficult for people worldwide to decipher his sense of humor considering the language barrier, but his catchline “Beleza” transcends any linguistic barrier.

But we guess we will not be able to hear more of “Beleza” from the TikTok artist because he passed away today. It could be someone from Barbosa’s family posting through his account @adrianobarboza333 because recently, the account posted a video indicating that Barbosa died of pneumonia and cardiac arrest.


Some people were skeptical about the tragic situation and even thought his TikTok handle was hacked. Whatsoever, the alternative user behind @adrianobarboza333, who probably is the TikTok user @juju._.00000, clearly indicated that he died at the age of 34. The relationship of @juju._.00000 with Adriano Barbosa is yet to be out.

With thousands of followers on TikTok, Barbosa’s family and his bereaved soul are receiving many condolences through the app. Meanwhile, a Youtuber João Paulo Grandão with 103 thousand subscribers, also posted a video titled “MEME DO BELEZA – ELE MORREU,” which translates to “Beleza Meme – He Died,” on 1 August 2022. 

Adriano Barbosa’s Beleza Meme Explained

The Beleza Meme emanates from the TikTok activity of Es Adriano Barbosa. Before moving on to the meme, let us understand what Beleza means. 

The word Beleza translates to beauty in the English language. The phrase also indicates an exclamation that asserts, “How nice/cool.” In addition, it even solicits an affirmation as “Ok.” The acronym blz for Beleza is widely used in memes, social media, and text messages in Brazil.

Adriano Barbosa is viral on TikTok for using the word Beleza while answering his followers’ questions. He has his own peculiar tune while delivering the word. He pulls the word to a lengthier pitch and adds his witty side to it, making it pronounced like “belezaaaan.” His viral video with the catchphrase “Beleza” already has more than a million views. 

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Adriano Barbosa On Twitter

Barbosa doesn’t appear to have a Twitter account, but users of the app are also in sorrow following his passing. 

“#BDSP This weekend, Adriano Barbosa passed away here in Bariri, from the catchphrase “belezaaaa” that already had millions of followers on social media. He was a fighting man who wanted to give quality of life to his family. I recorded this video for you guys, but I didn’t have time to watch it air. #mourning #beauty”, a Twitter user tweeted on the death of Es Adriano Barbosa.

“Adriano Barbosa, the Belezaaaaaan, died,” another Twitter user reacted to his death.

Adriano also had an Instagram account of username @adrianobarbozabeleza with 5387 followers. He quoted himself as a “Digital influencer” in his Instagram bio.

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