Who Is Ako Handy Dancer? Duke Ellington High School And Dave Chappelle Controversy

The “Breeding” star Marcus Bellamy, here mentioned as the Ako Handy Dancer, is a former Broadway performer charged with second-degree murder after he confessed to killing his boyfriend, Bernardo Almonte, in 2016.

According to the New York Daily News, Bellamy was arrested for manslaughtering Almonte on August 19. Read further for the full detail.

Who Is Ako Handy Dancer? Marcus Bellamy, The Broadway Dancer

Almonte was a 27-year-old New York resident who had everything, a loving mother, a job as an independent IT consultant, and a lover. The lover was none other than Marcus Bellamy, a well-known Broadway dancer.

Bellamy had made his name for appearing in a Broadway production of “Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.” Likewise, he previously worked on projects such as “Crush” and “Across the Universe.” 

Unfortunately, Almonte’s life was ruined by his sweetheart as Marcus murdered him on August 19, 2016. In detail, Bellamy choked him to death in their condo in Morris Heights, Bronx, on W. 174th St.


The specialists allegedly discovered Almonte draining from his head around 4:15 in the morning, after which he was rushed to an emergency room; however, he could not be saved.

Marcus, on the other hand, was not secretive about the murder. In fact, after killing his boyfriend, he even admitted his other wrongdoings to his neighbors. The boyfriend-strangler also posted a text on Facebook stating, “Excuse me. I did it because I adore you. I adore you all. I also adored him.”

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Duke Ellington High School And Dave Chappelle Controversy

When this brutal incident occurred in 2016, everyone was shocked by the action Bellamy took. Recently, his name was also joined with Dave Chappelle, the brilliant comedian, as Chappelle made some offensive remarks about another dancer. Dave sparked outrage with his transphobic and sexist jokes during the final comedy special of his long-running Netflix deal late last year. 

After killing Bernardo Almonte, Bellamy was arrested for the charge of murder as well as negligent homicide. Eventually, the case was handled by Bronc Supreme Justice John W. Carter. While there was previous news that he attended Duke Ellington High School in Washington, D.C, there is no further information to support this detail.

After the murder allegation, Marcus Bellamy’s mother said that she could not believe what she was hearing. She stated, “I was astounded to learn that, after God had given him a second chance at life, he had died as a result of something done by someone else.”

On the other hand, Bellamy appeared to be sorry for what he had done and asked Almonte’s family to forgive him. He did something so horrible because he was high on crystal meth and got into a fight with Bernardo.

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