Alfred Nevhutanda House and Net Worth 2022 As SIU Freezes His Assets

Although Alfred Nevhutanda has a net worth of the same amount as the R41 million he won in the lottery, the SIU has frozen his assets because of reports of wrongdoing.

The former National Lotteries Commission (NLC) board chair Alfred Nevhutanda’s multimillion-rand luxury residence and furniture are now protected by a court order.

Along with the home, a court order was also issued against the property’s private owner, Vhutanda Investments. Nevhutanda is the only director, at least according to the company’s official papers.

Alfred Nevhutanda Net Worth And House As Of 2022

Both the director and the board chairman of Vhutanda Investments are Alfred Nevhutanda. According to the website daily maverick, the company paid for the property with NLC funds in 2018 and has a net worth of R41 million.

The non-profit organization that got lottery money purchased the property.


The building was thought to be processing illegal activities. An R41 million lottery grant was given to Alfred Nevhutanda’s daughter, and Alfred refuted any allegations of wrongdoing. sprawling two-hectare estates for R27 million. On June 27, 2022, SIU will freeze the R27 Million Mansion.

Nevhutanda was the longtime NLC board chairperson at the time the house, situated on a private two-hectare estate near Pretoria, was bought.

SIU Freezes Alfred Nevhutanda Assets

Following a closed-door virtual hearing on June 15 that was presided over by Special Tribunal Judge Soma Naidoo, the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) was authorized.

In addition, the judge ordered the SIU to file a lawsuit against Nevhutanda and Vhutanda for the disgorgement of secret earnings wrongfully gained” when Nevhutanda served as the NLC board chair.


The choices made by the NLC to fund five non-profits, who collectively received tens of millions of rands for infrastructure projects, were also reviewed and set aside, according to Judge Naidoo. These include a drug treatment facility that has never been finished as well as two elderly homes that were funded by the lottery.

According to the decision, it is against the law for Nevhutanda and Vhutanda Investments to sell, dispose of, lease, transfer, donate, or deal in any other way with the furnishings and real estate.

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Who Is Alfred Nevhutanda? Wikipedia

Although his exact birth date is unknown, Alfred Nevhutanda was born in 1953. He was born to his parents in the South African village of Duthuni. Alfred Nevhutanda will be 69 years old in 2022.

In terms of education, he completed his coursework at Mphephu Secondary School. Graduated from the University of South Africa, Alfred Nevhutanda His doctoral studies were in music and education. Additionally, Alfred Nevhutanda receives a Master’s in Business Administration.

Alfred Nevhutanda is a married man, so let’s talk about his wife. Dr. Rachel Nevhutanda, a Formidable Prophetic Teacher of the Word, is Alfred Nevhutanda’s wife.

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