Who Is Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord? Meet The Singer On The Eurovision 2022 Finals

Music and medicine, a capella and orchestration, Greece and Norway, Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord is an artist who understands the importance of balance.

Amanda is in her sixth year of medical school when she is not making music. As if Eurovision wasn’t stressful enough, her final examinations come just a few weeks after the competition ends.

She has managed to combine the medical and the musical, though; she and a handful of her classmates established The Flu Fighters!

Also, Amanda competed in the Norwegian music competition The Stream in 2016, finishing in the Top 30. So far, she has released two EPs: “First Impression” (2018) and “Miss the Way You Missed Me” (2021).

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Who Is Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord? Ethnicity & Origin Of The Singer

Amanda Klara Georgiadis Tenfjord was born on January 9, 1997, in Lesund, western Norway. She is a Greek-Norwegian singer and composer who goes by the name Amanda Tenfjord.

However, the singer’s ethnicity is yet to be known since the singer has not talked about it in public.

She spent her early years in Ioannina, in northeastern Greece, before returning to Norway and settling in Tennfjord, in the country’s west. Sigrid, an internationally acclaimed singer, was a classmate who persuaded her to pursue music.

Also, Amanda traveled to Trondheim, Norway’s major city, in 2015 to study medicine at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She placed her academics on hold in 2019 to focus on music.

With the song “Die Together,” she will represent Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

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Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord Boyfriend

Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord is currently single and enjoying her life. She is rather focusing on her carrier, instead of indulging herself in any kind of relationship.

The singer has faced different emotions while being in a relationship previously.

While Die Together was composed in the midst of a failed relationship, Amanda believes it may be read more broadly than merely the loss of a romance.

It was some time following a split, and she composed an album detailing the relationship from start to finish, with ‘Die Together’ being one of the songs written during the breakup, when everything is chaotic and miserable. It’s not about a specific person or connection; it’s a generalization.

Amanda has been studying music since she was five years old, beginning with piano instruction. Her major break came in 2015 when she competed in Norway’s Musikkprisen. She’s gone from strength to strength since then, with her material appearing on television soundtracks and being performed at international festivals.

I created my first song, ‘Run,’ and entered a local talent competition with the reward of studio time. That was sort of the start of everything to her!

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Details On Amanda Georgiadi Family Background

Amanda Georgiadi was born to a Norwegian mother and a Greek father. For whatever reason she has not publicized much about her parent’s room, they must be very proud of their daughter right now.

She had a strong liking for pop music from both Greece and Norway as she grew up with one foot in each country.

Her love of wonderful melodies has been a persistent force, from classical Greek tunes through Whitney Houston to the music of her high school classmate Sigrid.

Also, Amanda competed in the Norwegian music competition The Stream in 2016, finishing in the Top 30. So far, she has released two EPs: “First Impression” (2018) and “Miss the Way You Missed Me” (2021).

She has also played at the Trondheim Calling music festival and toured with the Norwegian band Highasakite. The singer was chosen internally to represent Greece in Turin. She was chosen from a group of five artists.

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