Who Is Cian Ducrot? The Irish Singer You Never Heard Of But You Should

Cian Ducrot is one of Amazon Music’s Top Artists To Watch in 2022. He stepped professionally into the music industry in the year 2020.

Ducrot basically rose to fame after posting covers and vlogs on his Youtube channel. At present, he has 59.9 thousand subscribers.







Who Is Irish Singer Cian Ducrot? 

Ducrot is a young and talented cover artist from Ireland. He is a specialist in classical music and a connoisseur of different musical instruments like guitar, piano, flute, drums, saxophone, and the ukulele.

Ducrot was admitted to study at the Royal Academy of Music in London, where musicians like Elton John had gone. His knowledge of classical music ranges from Johann Sebastian Bach to Frederic Chopin.

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The singer first began posting cover songs on his social media. He eventually launched his Youtube channel in 2020. In less than 7 months, he accumulated around 8,000 subscribers.

We have often seen the musician collaborating with vlogger Erika Saccone on his channel. The rising singer appears as @cianducrot on his social media handles. He has a total of 180 thousand followers on Instagram at the time of writing.

Cian Ducrot Age & Height

Cian Ducrot was born on August 30, 1997, in Douglas, Cork City, Ireland. The 25 years old belongs to the Virgo sign, as per Astrology.

Ducrot stands at the height of 5 feet 9 inches, which is considered a good length in the United Kingdom. This means he has attained an average height. 

Cian Ducrot Family and Girlfriend

Ducrot was born to an Irish father and a French mother. He tries to blend his diverse culture into his songs, which has made him very special.

In a recent interview, Ducrot old David Hennessy about his music that deals with social issues with domestic abuse,  being let down by a friend, divorce, and many more. He then openly stated that all his creativity has come from his childhood experiences.

According to the singer, his mom left him and moved with her sons to Passage West. He has been a resident of London for more than four years; he first came here on a music scholarship.

Cian began his studies at the age of nine at the CIT Cork School of Music with his mother, Sabine.
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One of his songs, Hello Gorgeous, is dedicated to the amazing women in his life, and every single woman and girl who has faced suffering.

Ducrot has said, as quoted in The Irish World: “That’s [Hello Gorgeous] probably one of the most important, most powerful songs on the EP and something that I think I’ve only scratched the surface on in terms of that subject and topic.”

“It all triggered from seeing how my girlfriend was affected by her previous relationship.I had never been that close to it except for with my mum, but it’s a completely different experience when you’re a kid.”

In May 2015 Ducrot announced that he was in a relationship with a girl named Bianca. The Cork musician is currently living in London.

Cian Ducrot Upcoming Tour And Songs

Cian Ducrot recently released his debut EP Make Belief. He is one of Amazon Music’s Top Artists To Watch in 2022.

Ducrot has also created a good fan base on Spotify. He has more than 1,399,573 monthly listeners.

Some of Ducrot’s must-listen songs are All For You, Hurt So Bad, Crocodiles, Not Usually Like This, Make Belief, and many more. 

According to his official website, the singer will tour and perform on the 15th of September 2022.  

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