Where Is Amos Roach Now? Archie Roach Children With Wife Ruby Hunter

Amos Roach is an Aboriginal musician and dancer. He is also the son of the legendary songwriter and storyteller Archie Roach. 

Aboriginal singer, guitarist, and storyteller Archie Roach is no longer with us. His sons confirmed the news of his death on social media. He was also known for being an activist for indigenous Australians, preserving their culture, music, stories, and legacy. 

However, the musician died on July 30, 2022, at 66. He had been battling illness for a long time and couldn’t contain it. The singer had already fought lung cancer and survived. 

May his departed soul rest in paradise. 

Where Is Amos Roach Now? Wikipedia Bio To Know

Amos Roach is living among his people, trying to uphold the legacy of the great Archie Roach. 

Like his father, Amos is also a Gunditjmara and a cultural practitioner. He has written and sung many songs that have made him a recipient of several awards. 

Moreover, Amos has been playing keyboard, guitar, bass, and Yidaki since he was eight years old and is acknowledged as one of Australia’s best Yidaki players. He has regularly performed with various bands and artists like Dave Arden, Black Magic, and No Fixed Address. 

In addition to that, he has also performed with his father, Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter, and the Roach Family Band.

As a result, he won the first-ever First Nations Artist in Residence in 2021, an inaugural award winner. Also, he is a terrific dancer and choreographer. 

Amos Roach SIblings: Archie Roach Children With Wife Ruby Hunter

Archie Roach was happily married to his wife, Ruby Hunter. 

Ruby wasn’t only just his life partner; she was her musical partner as well. The two of them played music together and did so for several decades until Hunter died on February 17, 2010. 

Moreover, the couple shared two wonderful sons, Amos and Eban Roach. Following Archie Roach’s death, his sons were the ones who permitted others to use his name and image to continue to be used so that his legacy would inspire people in the future. 

The whole Roach family had a family band and played music together. All family members are prolific musicians and proud representatives of indigenous Australians. 

Condolences To Archie Roach’s Family

We forward our heartfelt condolences to anyone who knows Archie Roach. 

He was one of the most significant Aboriginal singers who always kept his community over everything. His effort to preserve the uplift his cultural music will always be appreciated. 

Even though he is gone, the singer will always be remembered for his songs that tell stories more beautifully than any book or movie. 

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