Ana Maria Braga Black Face Allegations As New Video Of Painter Surfaces On Social Media

Ana Maria Braga is a painter and TV personality whose video is going viral after one of the participants appeared as Black Face by coloring himself.

Ana was diagnosed with skin cancer in 1991. On July 26, 2001, she stated that she had colon cancer on her show.

She further stated that in order to treat the condition, she would undergo two chemotherapy treatments every five days. Ana returned to the course on November 12, 2001, lacking her hair, after a three-month absence for therapy.

The program wowed the crowd, with the partners dressed in “warrior’s squad” t-shirts. She was cured of the condition after treatment. She was diagnosed with early-stage lung cancer in 2015, which she successfully treated with chemotherapy a year later.

Video: Ana Maria Braga Black Face 

The video has gone viral where the presenter Ana Maria Braga clarified that to paint in Black skin is inappropriate.

The host paused the ‘Game of Pots’ to stress that it is unacceptable to paint one’s skin to resemble being black, and he summoned a professional to discuss the issue. 

“It was utilized by the slave aristocracy as a method of categorizing and rejecting the humanity of black people,” said Rosane Borges, a professor who specialized in racial and gender relations. She added that the technique of painting the skin was employed in art, comedy, films, and even carnivals for a long time.

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Find Out The Age Of Ana Maria Braga

Ana Maria Braga age is currently 73 years old and was born in the year 1949. 

She was the daughter of Bergamo-born Italian Natale Giuseppe Maffeis and Brazilian Lourdes Braga, and she spent her childhood and adolescence at a boarding school in So Paulo.

In May 2012, it extended its contract with TV Globo for another four years, putting a stop to concerns that the show Mais Você would be canceled and removed from the station.

She married trader Antonio Drausio Badan at the age of 21, whom he divorced years later.

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Find Out About The Young Grandchildrens Of Ana Maria Braga

Ana Maria Braga’s daughter shared a rare photo of her mother with her young grandchildren on her lap on Saturday, 21.

The charming moment was completely different from the mornings of “Mais Você” and had no fiction, staging, or makeup.

She also has three other grandchildren, Benedict, Joan, and Mary.

Why Is Ana Maria Braga Compared To Supla

Ana Maria Braga was the subject of memes and chuckles on social media last week and was compared to Supla when her new haircut was similar to that of the artist.

Braga’s pink hair is sure to get you talking. Only when she appears to do the praises to the locks picked to commemorate So Paulo’s birthday begins.

Supla, who served on the Mais Você delivery board, was not shy about sharing his thoughts.

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