Who Is Analyn Megison? Details About The Attorney Who Was Sexually Assaulted & ‘You Can’t Take My Daughter’ Plot

When Analyn Meggison was sexually assaulted in 2003, she was 29 years old. It was carried out by a man she met through mutual friends. He pulled Analyn through the doorway and started raping her.

She was working for the pro-life governor of Louisiana at the time in Baton Rouge on women’s concerns. She was a member of Phi Delta Phi and had recently graduated from Florida State University College of Law.

Hurricane Katrina caused Analyn to relocate to the Sunshine State. Here, her rapist found her and made a joint custody request for the child. In 2010, Analyn’s daughter was six years old.

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Analyn Megison understood what had to be done when the guy she claims sexually assaulted her severely in her Baton Rouge apartment in 2003 wanted full custody of her cherished then-5-year-old daughter, Alaraby, who was born as a result of the alleged crime.

Since then, Madison has fought for herself and other women who may have to co-parent with their rapists.

Analyn and Alaraby near their home in Phoenix.
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At the time, the Florida courts might have granted the assailant of Meggison’s request for custody because he was not charged with rape and had a legal right to do so.

However, Madison persuaded the Pinellas County, Florida, family court judge in charge of the case to examine the police reports describing his violent behavior, notes she sought out at a rape crisis center, and her medical records. After rejecting his request, she was relieved when the judge granted her exclusive custody of the child in 2012.

Analyn Megison Movie ‘You Can’t Take My Daughter’ Plot Which Reflects Her Story

After her rapist attempts to get custody of her daughter, a woman in Lifetime’s “You Can’t Take My Daughter” fights back to strengthen the legal system. The scariest twist in this terrible plot is revealed at the very end when spectators learn that the movie is based on a true story.

Amy Thompson (Lyndsy Fonseca), who had survived a sexual attack that had left her pregnant, decided to keep the kid as a symbol of her fortitude.

You Can’t Take My Daughter movie scene
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Her rapist attempted to sue her for custody of her daughter after initially denying having had sexual contact with her. At that moment, she discovered that her state’s laws do not allow for the termination of a rapist’s parental rights before a court conviction.

In her court case, Thompson promised the judge that she would change the legislation, and she did just that. She boldly pursued justice and prevailed in her case despite looming threats of retribution from her abuser.

One of Lifetime’s newest “ripped from the news” films reveals at the end that Analyn Meggison’s true story inspired Thompson’s story.

Analyn Megison Was Sexually Assaulted

Her rapist was never convicted for what he did to me, Abalyn Megison says in the article for USA Today. I was afraid of the threat this posed to my child, who had no idea what I would have to go through to defend her when the day arrived when I was issued with court documents on his behalf. Madison notes that at the time, Florida had no laws to safeguard her.

Fortunately for Madison, the judge in the case concluded that thorough evidence hearing about how she was abused and how the kid was conceived required before the legal action could proceed.

The alleged rapist gave up the case eventually, and Megison was successful in her fight to defend her child. But not before she spent hours studying state-by-state rapist parental rights; she created a model statute for Florida.

According to The Independent, Madison co-founded Hope After Rape Conception around that time, an organization “focused on reforming state laws to safeguard children and victims of rape.”

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