What Type Of Illness Does Andrew Schimmer's Wife Have? Brain Hypoxia And Health Status Now

Andrew Schimmer, an actor, resorted to social media in order to make a plea for assistance for his wife, Jorhomy "Jho" Rovero. ( Source : Philnews )

Andrew Schimmer is a well-celebrated Filipino actor. He is known for movies like Eskandalo, Blind Side, Project X, Green Paradise, etc.

The actor recently got emotional as he spoke about the battle of his wife, Jho Rovero, against a sickness. His wife has been a patient at St. Luke's Medical Center since November 2021. How is his missis doing now? 

Andrew Schimmer's Wife Suffers From Brain Hypoxia

Jho Rovero, the wife of Andrew Schimmer, has been in a hospital for a month now. She suffered a severe asthma attack, which led to a cardiac episode and brain hypoxia.

The condition, brain hypoxia, occurs when the brain isn't receiving enough oxygen. It usually occurs when someone is choking, suffocating, or in cardiac arrest. Other possible factors leading to the condition are a Brain injury, stroke, or carbon monoxide poisoning.

In April 2022, Schimmer posted a heart-wrenching letter for his wife. He shared the pain of being away from his love. The actor also acknowledged that he could no longer tolerate the pain by making up that Jho was lying next to him on their bed. 

The Blind Side actor also requested financial support from his fellow celebrities and ordinary people to help his wife. He is positive that he will soon be able to bring Jho home. 

Schimmer wrote on his Facebook:' The despair of being without you is too much to bear sometimes. I miss our everyday talks about life, God, and everything.'

"Nothing makes a home emptier than wishing that you were in it...our small bed seems too big nowadays. Talking to myself and pretending that you are still beside me doesn't work anymore.'

Andrew Schimmer uploaded a photo of his wife and wished for her fast recovery.
Andrew Schimmer uploaded a photo of his wife and wished for her fast recovery. ( Source : Facebook )

He added: 'If I had to describe how much I miss you, I would just break down and weep. Maybe without you, I am just a smashed vessel that may never be whole again.'

Nevertheless, the Filipino star is hopeful that his wife will arrive home soon. He frequently updates Rovero's status on his social media.

As per Andrew's latest Tiktok post, his wife is now in stable condition, but she is still unable to move and speak. He needs financial assistance for her treatment. 

Who Is Andrew Schimmer's Wife, Jho Rovero?

Andrew Schimmer's wife, Jho Rovero, is a Filipino model and actress. She has been bedridden for almost eight months now.

Rovero, as seen on her Facebook, has posted many lovely photos of her works and family. She loved to travel, cook, and make Tiktok like every ordinary woman. However, since her illness, she has not been able to move.

Rovero usually celebrates her birthday on July 11 each year. She is only in her thirties and is in significant need of support right now.

Jho Rovero suffered from brain hypoxia in November 2021. She had a severe asthma attack which led to brain hypoxia.
Jho Rovero suffered from brain hypoxia in November 2021. She had a severe asthma attack which led to brain hypoxia. ( Source : Facebook )

Does Andrew Schimmer & His Wife Have Children? 

Andrew Schimmer and his spouse Jho Rovero share two children- a son and a daughter. 

Andrew Schimmer with his wife and children.
Andrew Schimmer with his wife and children. ( Source : Facebook )

The actor frequently posts lovely pictures of his family on his Instagram account. Andrea, Jho's daughter, has also requested assistance for her mother on a GoFundMe page, where she has raised about $15,96. However, their goal is to raise $20,000 instead.

In the actor's opinion, watching his kids sleep next to their mother is the best part of his day.

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