Who Is Anitra Mecadon? Everything To Know About The Actress

Explore the Wikipedia details of Anitra Mecadon, an award-winning interior designer and a well-known TV personality.

She has been on a number of TV programs, including Who Stole the Electric Car? and Mega Dens on the DIY Network. She also had an appearance on the show American Handyman.

Mecadon is a real natural creative powerhouse. She has been in five seasons of Mega Dens on the DIY Network, as well as several other television shows.

HGTV: Anitra Mecadon Wikipedia And Bio

Anitra Mecadon is an award-winning interior designer and a well-known TV personality.

Her parents are Gigi and Jeff Mecadon. Her two siblings were Fran Mecadon, her brother, and Dr. Pillar Labriola, her sister, who is currently a co-owner of Chiro Health Spa.

Mecadon began working as an interior designer after graduating. Plum Avocado Design Studio is her current business.

She produces fascinating interiors and exteriors with a strong background in art and theater, as well as a degree in interior design.

Anitra’s rock ‘n’ roll style offers her an edge not found in most designers, whether she’s dangling from a scaffold or smashing down a concrete wall.

Who Is Anitra Mecadon Husband?

Anitra Mecadon is married. She had a long relationship with Adam Bret before marrying him on October 31, 2013.

Bert, her companion, is an entertainer, creator, and performer. Nash Bodhi, who was born in December 2016, is a kid of two or three. Anitra enjoys posting about her #momlife moments on Instagram.

Regardless matter how proud she is of her accomplishments, nothing is more important to her than being a mother. Her child is her pride and delight, and she devotes all of her efforts to him.

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Find Anitra Mecadon Age In 2022

Anitra Mecadon is 45 years old. She was born on April 15, 1977, in the United States.

For the past ten years, Anitra Mecadon has created some of Atlanta’s most well-known, hip, and edgy restaurants, apartments, shops, galleries, and other locations.

She is also a film actor, with roles in Who Stole the Electric Car? (2009), All American Handyman (2010), and Mega Dens (2011).

Meet Anitra Mecadon On Instagram

Anitra Mecadon is active on Instagram under the user handle @anitramecadon. She has over 22.1 followers on her official profile.

On DIY Network’s Mega Dens, Anitra designs and builds the ultimate leisure room sanctuaries that are beyond any family’s wildest dreams.

These astounding room renovations include fantastic home theaters, imaginative gaming areas, ingenious storage solutions, and more.

Anitra has been on HGTV’s All American Handyman and Behind the Build: HGTV Dream Home.

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