Who Is Alexander Ward From Politico? Reporter Updates On Supreme Court Leak Of Roe Vs Wade Case

Alexander Ward is the anchor of “National Security Daily” and a national security reporter. In the article below, you may learn more about his Wikipedia page, age, and wife.

“Supreme Court has voted to abolish abortion rights, the draft opinion suggests,” Politico’s Josh Gerstein and Alexander Ward broke the news on Monday evening.

“According to an initial draft majority opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito circulated inside the court and acquired by POLITICO, the Supreme Court has voted to tear down the landmark Roe v. Wade decision,” Gerstein and Ward reported.

Josh Gerstein, a senior legal affairs reporter for Politico, said he was confident in his sourcing and the document’s validity for the piece on which he collaborated with national security reporter Alexander Ward.

Who Is Alexander Ward From Politico? National Security Reporter Wikipedia Bio

Despite being a remarkable journalist, Alexander Ward is the anchor of Politico’s “National Security Daily” and a national security reporter. He does not have a Wikipedia page, but with his dedication and hard work, he may have one in the future.

Ward was a White House and national security reporter for Vox before joining Politico. He worked on military issues and US foreign policy as an associate director at the Atlantic Council’s Brent Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security.

Worldly, MSN, The Independent, CNBC, US News & World Report, The Hill, Foreign Policy Magazine, The Scotsman, and other publications have published his work.

Ward earned his bachelor’s degree from American University.

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Alexander Ward Age Revealed

Looking at his photos, Alexander Ward appears to be in his thirties. Ward has kept his age a secret from the public. As a result, Alexander’s age is unknown at the moment.

Alexander appears to be a reserved individual who avoids disclosing personal details in public. As a result, his early years are unknown at this time.

He writes reports for the site about the administration’s national security policy, typically in collaboration with other journalists.

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Alexander Ward Wife: Is He Married?

In terms of age, Alexander appears to be married, but there is no information on his marital status, so he might be married or single.

Alexander’s wife could be a private person who does not want to be seen in public and prefers a simple life, which could explain why he has not revealed his wife.

However, he appears to be more focused on his business, so his personal life is shrouded in mystery and only his professional life is known to the general world.

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