What To Know About Fox Sideline Reporter Jen Hale Married Life and Husband

Jennifer Hale is an American journalist born on February 28, 1978. She and her husband-to-be, Joe Krzemien, are familiar faces in American sports media.

She presently works for Fox Sports as an NFL sideline reporter, where she is teamed with Chris Myers and Robert Smith. Hale can be found on Twitter. In addition, she covers college football for Fox Sports and the New Orleans Pelicans of the National Basketball Association on Bally Sports New Orleans.

Hale has previously filled in as a host for the programs Skip and Shannon: Undisputed and Lock It In, both shown on Fox Sports 1. She also reports for ESPN on the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and covers the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. In addition, she has reported from the sidelines for TNT’s coverage of the first round of the NBA Playoffs in 2017.

Is Jen Hale Married?

Jennifer Hale, who is now 44 years old, is engaged to beau Joe Krzemien.

Hale’s life appears to be incredibly busy, even when she makes time for personal time. She is always busy interviewing players on the court and the field and reporting with her crew, including Chris Myers and Daryl Johnston. Jen may not have tied the knot yet, which would explain this. 

However, after going over her Instagram account in great detail, we came across several pictures that are impossible to dismiss.
Bently Graham was the subject of several past images that Hale posted alongside him. The only post that Hale and Graham both have access to is one from September 2019.

Bently leans his head on Jane while she cuddles up to him in the next photo, followed by a very close-up shot of Jane pouting while Bently leans his head on her. The first picture shows Jen holding Bently while enjoying a gorgeous sunset on her side. The two were featured on each other’s Instagram accounts. On the other hand, neither Jen nor Bently ever confirmed that they were, in fact, romantically involved with one another.

Jen Hale announced her engagement to Joe Krzemien on July 19 this year.
Source : instagram

Jen broke the silence on July 19 by shocking the world with the announcement that she was engaged, which was an answer to the previous silence. She shared some gorgeous images she had taken with her boyfriend, Joe Krzemien, during the day. His Instagram account is in private mode and cannot be accessed. On the other hand, based on what we’ve seen in his bio, we can assume he is a chiropractor.

In the post, Hale mentions that they went out to eat earlier in the day. Following that, Joe urged that they take a stroll in Jackson Square even though it appeared to be closed. She stated that the events that followed were incredible, even though they were a blur to her. She was in disbelief when he told her he had rented out Jackson Square to propose to her.

Jen Hale Family Life

The American journalist had taken a picture of her niece when she was a baby. She also shared another photo of her niece as a toddler online. 

Even though this is not the first instance she has done so, she has once again blessed her fans by sharing a photo of her niece, which has left them in utter admiration. The aunt and the niece are rocking incredible clothing, and the aunt can’t help but wonder where her niece gets her swag. After all, Jen is a stylish person in her own right.

Jen is very close to her brother's daughter. She regularly posts photos with the little one.
Source : instagram

Her niece, Dvanzy, is her brother’s daughter. On August 28, 2020, she gave her niece a warm welcome back. She proclaimed how delighted she was for her brother. Jennifer proved further that she was excited about the new adventure after sharing the wonderful moment with her followers and expressing how glad she was for her brother.

Even though Hale was only a teenager when her father passed, she still had plenty of opportunities to reflect on her relationship with him. His dilated cardiomyopathy ultimately led to his death, passed on to Hale. 

Her health condition does, at times, make things more challenging for her to deal with. She disclosed this information in an interview with Women’s Health, in which she discussed how, throughout the 2016 NFL season, she had to wear a portable defibrillator to get her heart rate back to normal. She now covers the New Orleans Pelicans for Bally Sports New Orleans and works as a sideline reporter for Fox Sports.

Jen Hale Net Worth 2022

The fact that Jen Hale brings in $45,000 a year as her salary indicates that she makes a respectable income from the network.

FOX Sports has many excellent and experienced reporters working on the sidelines, and Jennifer Hale is one of them. FOX Sports is accused of paying its sportscasters a disproportionately large amount of taxes. In 2006, she purchased an apartment in the French Quarter of New Orleans that was 500 square feet in size.

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Jen Hale Health Status

For Women’s Health, Hale disclosed in 2018 that she was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy in the middle of the 2016 NFL season.

Until the medication she took helped restore her heart rate to normal, she wore a portable defibrillator for the duration of the six-month treatment. She has been employed with the American Heart Association ever since that time. She is an avid participant in cross-fit competitions.

All Access Sideline Pass is a nonprofit organization that Hale founded in 2015. To educate and empower others, the company’s objective is to help young women in the New Orleans neighborhood via various outreaches and seminars.

Hale disclosed in 2018 that she was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy in the middle of the 2016 NFL season.
Source : womenshealthmag

She established the charity after receiving encouragement from Pierre Thomas, a former running back with the Saints. She is the Women’s Health spokeswoman for Thibodaux Regional Hospital and a supporter of Alzheimer’s Research and the Speech and Hearing Impaired Foundation, both of which are charitable organizations.

In 2015, New Orleans Magazine recognized Hale as one of the most accomplished women in the New Orleans area.

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