David Muir Head Injury, Face Bruise & Plastic Surgery- Are These Three Factor Related For His Health Issues?

David Muir has a slew of loving followers thanks to his remarkable journalistic and news reading abilities, as well as his dashing good looks.

David Muir is an American journalist who is the co-anchor of ABC News magazine 20/20 & the anchor of ABC World News Tonight, both of which are part of the ABC broadcast-television network’s news department in New York City.

Muir formerly worked on ABC’s World News Tonight as a weekend anchor and primary substitute anchor before succeeding Diane Sawyer on September 1, 2014. He has earned numerous Emmy and Edward R. Murrow honors for his national and international reporting at ABC News.

To find out what happened to David Muir’s face, scroll down.

David Muir Head Injury- What Happened To Him?

David Muir doesn’t have any head injuries. However, David told Vanity Fair that many people believe he has a huge head since it appears that way in some images. The 20/20 host, however, argues that this is not the case and that it is merely his distinctive position.

The journalist assured viewers that his head is not three times the size of theirs while speaking to the magazine, claiming that the angle and the fact that he is normally in the foreground are to blame.


David also revealed that he has a “signature selfie face” in photos, with admirers stating that it is three-quarters toward the camera and includes a pouty smile. He claims that his head is “three times the size” of everyone else’s.

A closer examination of the 5ft 10-inch star, as well as his numerous photographs with fans, friends, and colleagues, reveals that his head appears to be larger. Nonetheless, because it has been working for him for years, it is unlikely to turn viewers off.

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David Muir Face Bruise – Did He Undergo Plastic Surgery?

David Muir got plastic surgery, according to multiple stories. The rumor that he had rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, circulated quickly. The difference between his before and after photos demonstrates this.

After the surgery, David appeared to be significantly slimmer, but there is no evidence that he was ill. David said that in selfies with fans, he has a characteristic selfie face that is three-quarters toward the camera with a pouty smile. According to David, his head was always “three times the size” of everyone else’s.

Some people have asked queries such as “Does David Have Face Cancer?” NO is the answer. There is no information about David Muir’s facial cancer. Only the fact that David had nose surgery was mentioned in the resources.

On David Muir’s Instagram page, you can see his photos and learn more about his lifestyle. He is a regular user of Instagram. 

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David Muir Health Condition & Illness 

David Muir is not reported to have any illness. His health conduction is perfectly fine. 

When he’s not working long hours for World News Tonight and his job on 20/20, David makes it a point to get away from the city and relax at his luxurious lakeside property near Syracuse.

He occasionally posts images of his daily routine there, and it appears that rowing and boating with his pet dog, Axel, play an important role in his life.


When he’s not in the studios, David enjoys walking through the beautiful countryside.

He prioritizes fitness and strives to get some movement in every day. David enjoys running and claims that music helps him get through his workouts. He’s even been seen taking a spinning class with Ginger Zee, a GMA celebrity. David is also a tennis player. He doesn’t seem to take it seriously.

The actor hasn’t revealed much about his eating habits, but he appears to eat well. With early mornings and packed schedules, he needs one thing… “Black Starbucks coffee, hot,” he insists.

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