Brook Smith From Dodgers Nation Was Fired, Michel Janse Divorce Settlement

Brook Smith is the senior editor of the writing team covering Dodgers Nation. There were rumors that Brook Smith had been fired by the Dodgers Nation, but the investigation is still ongoing.

Brook has many more chances to develop and learn in sports. Additionally, Michel Janse and Brook have separated. After Brook Smith cheated on Michel and left her physically vulnerable, Michel divorced him.

Michel Janse is a well-known YouTuber and actress from the United States who is known for posting regular updates on her life.

Was Brook Smith Dodgers Nation Fired?

Brook Smith was said to have been fired from Dodgers Nation, but the investigation is going on.

However, on August 25, 2022, Dodgers Nation tweeted about Brook and stated, ” “Due to recent events, we have decided to place Brook Smith on indefinite leave while our management team looks into the matter at hand.”

Dodgers Nation posted about Brooke Smith
Source : twitter

Additionally, the owner of Dodgers Nation stated ” “After further investigation due to the allegations and accusation, I have decided to terminate our contract with Brook Smith immediately.

Due to the nature of the accusations, we cannot go into any more details but want to assure our community we acted swiftly once the information provided to us this morning were verified. is a Los Angeles-based business covering sports, especially Dodger’s baseball. The best thing about Dodgers Nation is that it serves as more than simply a sports news source; it also is a forum for local residents to have their voices heard.

Brooke Smith’s role was senior Editor, who heads up the writing team and ensured that content is clear and updated with trending topics.

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Brook Smith Divorced With Michel Janse

Michel Janse talked about Brook Smith’s cheating and divorce on her YouTube channel in March 2022. 

Janse is a well-known American actress and YouTuber recognized for posting regular updates about her life on the website and for sharing videos.

In a 33-minute video that she posted, Michel talked about her marriage, how it got started, and what went wrong.

 Brook Smith and Michel Janse
Source : micheljansesmith

According to Janse, who detailed her divorce, her husband exploited her in the marriage to the point where she thought her mistake was to blame for everything going wrong.

She also acknowledged that Brook had cheated on her and that the relationship had left her feeling unsafe physically.

In a March 2022 video, when she discussed their divorce, the YouTuber highlighted her ex-husband Brook Smith’s cheating.

Additionally, the actress said in the film that issues began to arise roughly a year and a half before their divorce. At that point, Smith started behaving suspiciously, controlling her, and upsetting her.

After being betrayed and facing physical threats, Michel sued for divorce and ultimately got a divorce.

Smith’s Relationship And Children – Meet The Family

Brook Smith was previously married to an actress Michel Janse. The couple initially connected through a dating app, and after spending time together, they realized they were in love.

The actress previously showed her audience a video called “How I Met My Husband” on her YouTube channel.

Janse posted about every event, including the wedding, the engagement, and the enthusiasm around it, on her various social media channels.

The bond she had with Brooke and their courtship is discussed in the video. Due to a past relationship, she relocated to Los Angeles when she was 18 years old.

However, the couple doesn’t have children. On the other hand, some fans have been speculating about a possible relationship between Smith and Ari Tata, according to the rumors.

There isn’t any specific evidence to support this relationship. The conversation can be found on Guru Gossiper, where some fans brought up Ari Tata while discussing Michel’s divorce from Smith and their breakup.

Many people question if Smith and Tata have reconciled after the breakup after witnessing those conversations. 

How Rich Is Brook Smith?

Brook Smith’s net worth is under review. As Brook was a Dodgers Smith senior editor, he might have earned a good amount of money.

Smith always had the intention of becoming a teacher, but things changed, and he quickly went up the corporate ladder at a company while taking night school to complete his degree.

Brook Smith got so many opportunities to learn and grow within the sports world.
Source : nitter

In his leisure time and on his site, he started blogging about baseball and sports. He interacted with Gary Lee, the founder, and creator of

Smith’s portfolio impressed him, therefore he was brought on as the Dodgers writing team’s Senior Editor.

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