Anthony Fasano Wife Cary Fasano Is A Florida Girl

Anthony Fasano wife Cary Fasano is a southern girl from Florida. Anthony and Cary married in March 2015 in Kansas City. 

Anthony proposed to his long-time girlfriend, Cary, in Loose Park, Kansas City, in 2013.  Less than two years later, she was walking down the aisle and saying I do. 

Since marrying nine years ago, they have become parents to three children. She is a supermom whose world revolves around her three beautiful kids, all under 7 years of age. The family especially loves Halloween when they all dress up in themes as a group. 

Whether it be Anthony’s NFL career or his addiction treatment venture, Cary and his kids are always by his side, cheering him on.  

Anthony Fasano Wife Cary Fasano

Anthony Fasano and his wife Cary Fasano have been married for seven years. 

Anthony and Cary had been set up by their friends while the two were living in Miami and the rest is history. They had been dating for two and half years before the tight end for the Tennessee Titans bought a ring.

The story of how Anthony proposed to Cary is sure to warm anybody’s heart. It sure warmed Cary’s when he got down on his knee on a freezing day in Kansas City on December 13, 2013. 

Anthony proposed to Cary in 2013 while walking their two dogs.
Source : theknot

Before becoming the parents of 3 little humans, they were parents of one Great Dane named Mia and a Pitbull named Ace.  When the couple moved to Kansas City shortly after Anthony signed with the Kansas City Chiefs, they started walking their dogs in Loose Park every Friday afternoon. 

On one of their regular Friday dog walks, Anthony insisted that Cary pick up after their dog’s poop. A ring was attached when she got down to get the bag out.

“What would seem like a dreary, lonely day in a typically crowded park to most, turned out to be the perfect private setting for us. It couldn’t have been more romantic”, Anthony said. 

Anthony and Cary Fasano married in 2015.
Source : instagram

After a year of engagement, the couple tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends and family. Cary wore a stunning wedding dress, and Anthony wore a sharp-looking tuxedo with a pale rose on his left breast, symbolizing loyalty, purity, and innocence. 

The Fasanos love the outdoors and frequently go on vacations, with or without the kids.  Cary being a Florida girl loves the beach, and so do her kids. This year in September, the couple went to Harbor Island in the Bahamas. 

However, they don’t discriminate when it comes to vacations. In 2017, Anthony and Cary went skiing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

Anthony Fasano And Cara Fasano Children

Anthony and Cary Fasano have three children under the age of seven. Their youngest kid is three. 

Their firstborn is their daughter, Florence Kay. She was born on February 10, 2016, ten months after their wedding. Being a Florida girl, Cary wasn’t afraid of the sea even when she was pregnant with Florence. A visibly pregnant Cary posted a picture of her swimming in Fort Lauderdale Beach. 

Florence got to spend time with the family Dane Mia, more than her younger siblings. Mia passed away in 2019, shortly after their second child, Francis James Fasano, was born. “Thank you for 10 years of unwavering love, friendship, and protection. Til we meet again my sweet girl,” wrote Cary in honor of Mia.

Cary's Dane, Mia, was with her for 10 years.
Source : instagram

Their middle child, Francis James, was born on May 10, 2018. He is a huge spiderman fan.

Francis’ family nickname is ‘the Tank’. Perhaps his parents see his future as a football player, just like his dad.  On his first Halloween, Anthony and Cary dressed him up as Olaf from Frozen, while Florence was Elza. Cary was Anna, and Anthony was Kristoff. 

Angelo Joseph is the youngest Fasano of the family. He was born on September 14, 2019. Cary and Anthony intend Angelo to be their last kid. “And just like that, the Fasano crew is complete,” wrote Cary. 

Anthony and Cary are parents of three.
Source : instagram

The Fasano family loves dressing up for Halloween. This year, the family of 5 dressed up as characters from The Greatest Showman. Angelo Joseph, now three years old, had the honor of being Benjamin Hallet himself. 

The two are great parents to their kids. They seem to understand that letting your children experience many things is how you prepare them for the future. 

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