Who Was Antonio Andriani? Man Died After Falling In A Well While Dancing, Video Details

Sometimes, life runs out of luck, and your birthday could turn into something nobody had ever expected. This is the story of Antonio Andriani Andriani, the forty-year-old man who lost his life while he was celebrating his birthday.

Andriani was celebrating his big day with friends and family in Erice, near Trapani, while this sad incident took place. Read further to unlock the whole story.

Video: Antonio Andriani Died After Falling In A Well

The catastrophe took place in the province of Trapani, the town of Erice. The renowned personality of his area, Antonio Andriani, was having fun at his 40th birthday celebration, and many audiences participated in this event.

We can see numerous attendances captured in the video as they were sharing the happy moment with the birthday man. About the party, Antonio rented the villa as he turned forty.

Someone captured Antonio Andriani’s final moments on camera as he fell into the well during that party. Even though the photography is quite hazy, we can witness the grave moment as these images prove what transpired just before the 40-year-old.

In front of all the guests, Antonio fell down an artesian well while dancing. With companions at his side, he was twirling on the artesian well’s lid. Unfortunately, the well’s cover was broken, bringing Antonio into a dangerous position. The images demonstrate that he eventually decided to dismount and call for assistance; however, no one could save him.

The drama played out in front of everyone in attendance as well as the phone’s camera, intended to record a happy moment and a memory to be preserved for coming days but ended up becoming a record of a tragedy. It was being held by someone who made numerous attempts to seize it without success.

After the fall, the music ceased, and everyone walked over the well, searching for Antonio. They hoped and prayed that the water at a depth of 25 meters would have protected people from falling to their deaths. Furthermore, the rescuers and Fire Brigade team arrived quickly on the scene.

With the great support of the divers, the firefighters were able to rescue Antonio’s body which at that time was already dead. In detail, he lost his life suddenly and violently during the fall. At this time, Antonio’s body is in Marsala morgue and available to the legal authorities.

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Antonio Andriani’s Family Mourns On Facebook- What Happened To Him?

A man named Antonio Andriani was celebrating his 40th birthday in a villa when a slab covering a 25-meter-deep artesian well cracked, and he fell into it, eventually drowning and losing his life.

Antonio had rented a property in the Pegno neighborhood to celebrate his birthday when the deadly incident happened just after midnight. Later, when firefighters rescued him, it was found that he had severely injured his head, which further pointed toward a serious brain injury.

The deceased person’s body was transported to the Marsala mortuary for the autopsy that the Trapani prosecutor had requested. His family and well-wishers have shared their heartfelt condolences on Facebook.

Andriani has also worked on several acting projects and was well-known in his area. He frequently imitates Renato Zero and participates in numerous music festivals. The sudden and tragic loss on his birthday was unbearable to his family and friends.

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