Who Is Audrey Lorber? Arrested In Russia, A Story Of Then 19-Year-old Girl

The recent case of Brittney Griner has brought an old story of a 19-year-old girl named Audrey Lorber, who was arrested in Russian for possessing marijuana. The report has also reminded people of a senior teacher, Marc Fogel, who was caught in Russia for a similar case. Well, you can read this news in the links attached below, but for this article, we can detailing on Audrey. 

Audrey Lorber, a teenage girl in Russia to spend the vacation with her family, was found guilty and fined for having marijuana with her. Her name has been surfacing on the Internet for obvious reasons. Read more to find out.

Who Is Audrey Lorber? The Story Of A Then 19-Year-Old Girl Arrested In Russia.

Audrey Lorber is a white American woman found in Russia with 19 grams of marijuana. The incident is from 2019, and following Brittney Griner’s sentencing, Audrey’s case was brought to light again.

Lorber was 19 then and convicted of smuggling 19 grams of THC while she was in Russia on a family vacation. The girl was sentenced to about two months in a Russian prison. Moreover, she was fined 15,000 rubbles, making it roughly 375 US dollars.

Previously, The New York Post confirmed the news of Audrey being guilty of “attempting to import marijuana purchased in the US into Russia.”

The whole world has confronted Russia for its law as Brittney Griner, the WNBA athlete, was sentenced to nine years in prison by a judge on August 4, 2022. She was also ordered to pay a fine of almost 16,400 US dollars (one million rubbles). The amount is nearly 44 times higher than Lorber’s in 2019.

One of the users on Twitter stated her concern: “Everybody talking about the law in Russia and the law is the law, but LITERALLY in 2019, Audrey Lorber was arrested for THE EXACT SAME THING, and she had 19 grams! 19! Guess what her sentence was?!?! A month in a detention center and was fined $235, and she was let go!.”

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Audrey Lorber Wikipedia And Net Worth

Audrey Lorber is from Staten Island. She is a Tottenville High School graduate. As of now, there are no details regarding her net worth. Likewise, Lorber has not been active on Instagram since her arrest.

In 2019, court officials told CBS News that she would be required to stay in St. Petersburg for ten days before heading home. During that period, Lorber or the government had the right to appeal the ruling.


Audrey admitted to bringing the narcotic into Russia and entered a guilty plea. The teenager returned to her nation after spending around two months in detention.

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Audrey Lorber Jail Timeline – What Is Her Age?

Audrey Lorber is 22 years old. She was a Pace University film student when Russian authorities detained her in 2019. Lorber was arrested at Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg after discovering she possessed 19 grams of marijuana. The case was handled by the Moscow District Court of St. Petersburg.

When Lorber was detained for the case, she and her mother, a retired New York City school teacher, Rochelle Lorber, were on vacation in Eastern Europe. 

Audrey produced court records to demonstrate that she had a medical marijuana prescription from the US. Still, the local authorities claimed that the prescription did not “apply to the territory of the Russian Federation.”


A similar case was highlighted in the aftermath of Audrey’s release. In 2021, a 61-year-old teacher named Marc Fogel was stopped at the Moscow airport. Fogel had 17 grams of marijuana with him, which he was carrying for health purposes (to treat his chronic back pain).

Marc was found guilty of drug possession, and for this, he received a 14-year sentence in a Russian high-security prison colony. Since that day, August 14, 2021, his family has not heard of him, and they have been asking for help from the US government.

While the case is precisely similar to that of Audrey, and Marc Fogel is already an elder citizen, people were furious about the biased law of the nation.

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