Aysia Vernell Is A Boxing Ring Girl: 10 Facts You Need To Know

Aysia Vernell, a boxing ring girl, is not shy about the camera pointing at her because she is used to it, while she is also a model and famous on various other social media websites.

In a recent event, when Jake Paul knocked out UFC legend Anderson Silva he was not the only one who took the highlight Aysia had fans amazed by her looks at the event.

While Paul and Silva were fighting, there were four at ringside. Delia Sylvain, Aysia Vernell, Raphaela Milagres, and Kourtney Kellar all brought their A-game to the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona, and also stole the show.

Who Is Aysia Vernell? – The Ring Girl In The Boxing Event

Aysia Vernell stole the spotlight in the most recent boxing battle because of how she appeared and had fans wondering who she was. She is a social media influencer and model who has experience working as a ring lady at boxing matches.

Both boxing and MMA have always had ring girls. A group of ring girls is revealed before practically every major event or fight because they add intrigue and spice to the actual fight.

The four ring girls stole the show on Saturday
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Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions have recently disclosed the ring girls for this bout. The page announced the event’s four ring girls via an Instagram post, and it also disclosed a public meet-up at the weigh-ins.

Despite being the least famous ring girl, she garnered some headlines during the event, and she is growing in fame every day.

10 Facts You Need To Know About Aysia Vernell

Aysia Vernell at a recent event
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  1. Aysia has been in the modeling business for a very long time and was most recently spotted at the Jake Paul boxing bout. She has a keen sense of fashion and a passion for triathlons.
  2. She was grown in California, where she was born, and she and her boyfriend have two children. They also share a happy home with their pets.
  3. Besides serving as a ring girl, Vernell is a model who enjoys posting revealing photos on Instagram. Her super admirers can subscribe to her youtube channel for access to only that content.
  4. She also has her own modeling company with her fellow friends, providing brands and other companies with different modeling projects and models for advertisement.
  5. Aysia is also a personal gym trainer and trains other girls to be fit and encourages others to join the gym and have a healthy life.
  6. Fans loved seeing Aysia move in the ring as she entered between rounds of a combat sport while carrying a placard that read “number of the next round.” Ring girls are common in boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts.
  7.  Vernell friends Delia Sylvain, Aysia Vernell, Raphaela Milagres, and Kourtney Kellar all brought their A-game to the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona.
  8. While Jake and Silva were busy fightings in a recent event, people were amazed to see her beauty, as slim and with a height of over 6 ft.
  9. She is a high school graduate with a degree in fashion, which has been her career goal for a long time, and she has followed her dream.
  10.  In a recent boxing event, she gained a lot of followers from her appearance as a ring girl, and fans are giving her many views on her TikTok and other social media accounts.

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