Muhammad Ali Sparring Partner: Larry Holmes Wife Diane Holmes and Net Worth

Larry Holmes is a former professional boxer who is also famous as a boxing legend, Muhammad Ali’s sparring partner.

He competed from 1973 to 2002 and held the WBC heavyweight title from 1978 to 1983. In addition, Holmes also had the inaugural IBF heavyweight title, the Ring magazine, and lineal heavyweight titles from 1980 to 1985.

Holmes has been inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame and the World Boxing Hall of Fame. He is regularly listed as one of the best heavyweights of all time. He is the last active fighter to have defeated Muhammad Ali and the only boxer to have done it by way of stoppage.

Larry Holmes’ Quick Facts

Profession Former Professional Boxer
DOB November 3, 1949
Birthplace Cuthbert, Georgia, U.S.
Parents Flossie Holmes & John Holmes
Marital Status Married
Wife Diane Holmes
Number Of Children 5

Larry Holmes’ Relationship With Muhammad Ali And Becoming His Sparring Partner

Larry and Ali knew each other for much longer, and their relationship is still cited as one of the most loved bromances in the history of professional boxing. Larry was the sparing partner of a boxing legend, and together the pair accomplished much higher feats, making them one of the most feared duos.

Ali and Holmes sparred for two years. He also continued to compete in his fights, sometimes on the undercard of Ali’s contests. He continued to battle to get acceptance in the boxing community and matches with bigger paydays. Although Holmes was regarded as a boxer with excellent talents in the boxing community, it was commonly held that he shied away from difficult opponents and lacked the passion and drive of a real champion.

Larry Holmes Was Muhammad Ali's Sparring Partner For More Than 2 Years
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Holmes put his critics to rest in a thrilling 12-round fight against widely favored Earnie Shavers in 1978. This victory prepared Holmes for his bout with Ken Norton for the World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight title a few months later in Las Vegas.

Ali retired in June 1979 after defeating Leon Spinks on September 15, 1978, to reclaim the WBA heavyweight championship. Ali informed the Associated Press on February 14, 1980, that he would fight for one last time, which would be his last dance. On March 5, he consented to take on John Tate, the newly crowned WBA heavyweight champion, in a fight slated to take place in June.

Ali announced his intention to challenge WBC Champion Larry Holmes during a press conference on April 16. The news caught everyone off guard because the press conference was supposed to be a contract signing for Ali and Weaver’s fight. However, on March 31, Mike Weaver knocked out Tate to win the title.

Holmes outclassed Ali, winning each round according to the three judges’ scores. Ali’s trainer intervened to halt the fight after the tenth round as Holmes was dealing with Ali’s significant punches, giving Ali his lone career defeat through stoppage. The Ring recognized Holmes as the World Heavyweight Champion following the victory.

Larry Holmes And Muhammad Ali Faced Each Other On October 2, 1989, Despite Being Good Friends In The Past
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However, Holmes appeared to regret beating Ali so severely during the match. After all, they were like brothers, and none had ever imagined facing each other in such an event. Ali was also returning from retirement and had to face During a post-fight interview, Holmes’ eyes welled up with tears. When questioned why he was sobbing, he responded that he much respected Ali and that you could not take credit from him since Ali faced one of the toughest heavyweights in the world at the time. This fight was also responsible for Ali’s Parkinson’s syndrome.

Meet Larry Holmes Wife, Diane Holmes

Diane is the supportive and caring wife of a former boxer who has been a part of his life since their meeting in 1974.

They had a five-year relationship before getting married in 1979. They first met at a card party attended by her sister Wanda, and it was love at first sight. The surrounding was also favorable as Wanda also saw Larry’s brother Bob. At that time, he was starting his career and had to make an impact on the big stage. However, he had already concluded his work as Muhammad Ali’s sparring partner and had three or four victories.

During that period, Diane used to work at a clothes boutique in downtown Easton. Her work occupied her, and the pair couldn’t arrange a time between their busy schedule and spend quality time together. So, Holmes requested Diane to leave her job because he wanted her to be there for him.

Larry Holmes And His Wife, Diane Holmes, Have Been Together As A Married Couple Since 1979
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Like all other relatives of celebrities, Mrs. Holmes also faced difficulty adjusting to her life in between the new fame and recognization her family was getting. She claims that throughout the years that her husband was a champion, from 1978 to 1985, she had little faith in others. She concerted efforts to keep her private life out of the spotlight and frequently avoided cameras. She was escorted by a group of friends or security outside her house.

However, despite many hurdles and unfavorable situations, they have stood together as one of the significant sources of motivation in each other’s life. There were rumors about their possible separation in the past, but they are still going strong and have been part of each other’s life for almost half a decade.

Does Larry Holmes Have Any Children?

Larry and Diane are blessed with two kids; a son, Larry Jr. Holmes, and a daughter, Kandy Holmes.

Like many other celebrities, Larry has also kept much information of his personal information up to himself. So there isn’t much information about his children that is entirely true and known to a larger domain of internet audiences. 

While growing up, Larry’s kids had all the needed facilities. They could drive a Benz to high school and had the privilege of growing up in a mansion with a pool. Everywhere they went, they were treated as celebrities and were given the upper hand in most situations to access certain services before ordinary people.

They also met many famous celebrities while watching a fight from the stands. However, Larry Jr. never wanted this privilege. He tried to live his life as a normal human being and establish something that he could be known to the people via his name despite taking advantage of his father’s identity.

Larry Holmes Has Two Children From His Current Marriage And Three Other Children From His Previous Two Relationships
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As of now, he has established his career as a marketing executive and has worked at multiple reputed organizations. He married his beautiful wife, Nea, in 2014, and the couple is happy to live their life together.

Larry and Diane’s second child, Kandy Holmes, haven’t come forward to reveal he identity, and hence there is no information about her on the internet. She likes to live away from the limelight, and her other family members have also respected that decision of her’s by not mentioning her personal information publicly in front of the media. Larry also has three more children from his previous two relationships. However, the data of those individuals is also kept secret as of now. 

Larry Holmes’s Net Worth In 2022

Larry had earned a handsome sum of money during his peak and still makes tons of cash via multiple investments. His net worth is estimated to be $18 Million in 2022.

Larry Holmes is one of the most experienced boxers and the only living boxer who has defeated Mohamed Ali. The International Boxing Hall of Fame and the World Boxing Hall of Fame have recognized Holmes as one of the best heavyweights of all time. Larry Holmes’ hall of fame career, which reached its pinnacle when he squared off against Muhammad Ali, is what has brought him success.

Larry Holmes Net Worth Is $18 Million In 2022
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Before that, he was paid, but it wasn’t up to the mark that would justify his efforts during the preparation for the fight. However, in the war, he was promised a $4 million paycheck. On October 2, 1980, the two faced off in the Caesars Palace arena in Las Vegas. This battle continues to have the most viewers of all time, drawing a record 2 billion people worldwide.

Apart from boxing knowledge, he also has an excellent idea about investments. Holmes bought a property in Easton with the money he had made from boxing. Through his many business ventures, Holmes had more than 200 employees by the time he stopped fighting. He owned two eateries, a nightclub, a training center, an office building, a snack bar, and gambling machines in 2008. Lately, he is also active in the television scene. Holmes co-hosts ‘What The Heck Were They Thinking?’ on YouTube.

Some FAQs

What Is Larry Holmes’ Net Worth In 2022?

Larry Holmes is one of the most successful former boxers who has a net worth of $18 million in 2022.

Was Larry Holmes Muhammad Ali’s Sparring Partner?

Larry Holmes was Muhammad Ali’s sparring partner for almost two years. He also fought Ali in his comeback match and defeated him being the only alive boxer who defeated Ali.

Who Is Larry Holmes’ Wife?

Larry Holmes has married his wife Diane Holmes in 1979. She used to work at a cloth boutique before getting married to the former boxer. They are also blessed with two children.

How Many Children Does Larry Holmes Have?

Larry Holmes has five children altogether. His known children are the ones from the second marriage, and apart from those, he has three children from his previous two relationships.

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