Who Is Beth Mead Husband? Relationship Timeline With Partner Danielle van de Donk

Born on May 9th, 1995, Bethany Jane Mead, commonly known as Beth Mead, is a forward for Arsenal and the English National Team. She is a professional football player from England.

She won the title of Vauxhall England Young Player of the Year twice, in 2015 and 2018, while also receiving the PFA Women’s Young Player of the Year award in 2016. She was also the league’s leading scorer, earning the Golden Boot in the FA Women’s Super Leagues.

Her most recent team was Sunderland, an English professional football team headquartered in Sunderland.

Who Is Beth Mead’s Husband?

Beth Med is currently single and has never been married.

Her husband’s name cannot be found because she is not married. She has not yet made any declarations regarding her future marriage or plans. Even if she is not married, she may do so shortly. She has always been very open about her private life; therefore, she might update her following partnerships.

She has never been married, is still unmarried, and is not currently dating anyone. She has been focusing on her career and working to hone her abilities in that field. The player is well-connected to everyone and has opened up about her previous relationships, indicating that she will undoubtedly showcase her relationship in the following days.

She has the kind of beauty that’d draw any young man in her mid-20s, and she also has the skills that any male would find attractive in a woman. She is not now on the path to getting married despite being such a beautiful woman. This woman is fantastic in her way, and it is evident that she still has outstanding skills to present among the fans. Despite being unmarried, she can always be seen grinning.

Relationship With Partner Danielle Van De Donk

Beth Mead dated Danielle Van De Donk, a professional football player who plays as a midfielder or winger for Lyon of the French Division 1 Feminine and the Netherlands.


Beth and Danielle reportedly had a relationship a few years ago, but it doesn’t appear they started dating until now. They competed as a team for several years in both women’s leagues. We should be aware of the unusual fact that Beth is still on the team, although Danielle departed the team back in 2021. She appears to be a lesbian after being flashed dating another lady player on her team.

According to the study and the interviewees, their connection didn’t endure very long. There was widespread adoration for the well-known love tale of Beth and Danielle among English soccer supporters. However, they appear to have made a different decision at this time. They may have learned a lot about life, cohabitation, and other aspects of living on what could have been a fantastic voyage.  

Since Beth has fully committed to the success route, the teachings have even helped her become one of the strongest women. No relationship would ever be hampered in life if the path selected is more significant than the fears that have passed.

Beth Mead Networth And Salary

Beth Mead makes an additional USD 30,190 off the top of her yearly income of roughly USD 500,000.

Mead, a football player, has embraced the abilities that all football players need. Beth has attained benefits due to her working hard to become a big inspiration for all women of her generation. By Forbes and Insider, she is one of the wealthiest players in association football.

Since the Dutch Coach began working with her team in September 2021, she has contributed to 29 goals for her nation. Her significance in the national and international football criteria increased due to her hat-trick against Norway and one goal against Austria.


The 27-year-old football player lives in her own home in Whitby, England, and has primarily accomplished her goals. She paid millions of dollars for the mansion with her own money. She has a net worth of millions and still represents her current club because she is well compensated there.

If she had any plans to differentiate her change of opinion in the future, she would have done so by now, but she doesn’t.

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