What Is The Ethnicity Of Alex Wassabi? Family Background Of The Youtuber Details, Is He Filipino?

Alex Wassabi is an American YouTuber who hails from a family with a Filipino ethnic background. He is set to face English song maker and YouTuber KSI in a boxing match on August 27, 2022.

The internet star has established himself as one of the famous American YouTubers in recent days. He co-founded his youtube channel with a friend, Roi Fabito, in 2006. Roi left the channel in 2016 to pursue his solo gaming career, and since then, Alex has been the single owner of the youtube account.

Alex Wassabi Ethnicity: Is The Youtuber Filipino?

Yes, Alex is an American-born guy with Filipino ancestry. Alex Burriss was the initial name of Alex Wassabi. He is 32 years old and was born on March 28, 1990. Roi and Alex uploaded their video on the internet in 2006 to share them with their loved ones. Their videos received a lot of views from viewers all over the world, in addition to their relatives and friends.


Their YouTube channel’s original name, hoiitsroi, was eventually changed to Wassabi after a moment in Jackass The Movie where Steve-O inhaled wasabi via his nostril served as inspiration. Over the years, Alex became famous by the name of his channel, so he opted for the character Alex Wassabi as his official name on the internet.

Asian Origin Youtuber Has Two Brothers And A Sister As Siblings

He was born as his parents’ second child as he has two brothers: Andrew, who is younger, and Aaron, who is older. They are pretty well-known and have their own Youtube account. Additionally, Mariah is the name of his sister. When he was a year old, he and his family relocated to Kentucky.

Likewise, the Burriss family relocated to North Carolina after spending two years there. He was a timid youngster when he was younger and struggled in school because he was diagnosed with ADHD. His middle school education took place in Durhan, North Carolina. Nevertheless, despite his difficulties as a child, he finished his formal education and earned a college degree.

Was Alex Wassabi Born To Filipino Parents?

He was born in the American city of Great Falls, Montana. Alex is of Filipino descent yet has American nationality. His parents are Maribel Burriss and Adam Burris. Adam is a businessman based in the USA, whereas his mother, Maribel, is a homemaker.


Alex got his Filipino genes from his mother as she is originally from the Philippines and had immigrated to the USA before his birth. His father is a white guy, so he shares genes from white and Filipino backgrounds.

Alex Wassabi Facing KSI On A Boxing Match

In recent years, Alex has sparked the internet with his intention to fight English YouTuber KSI. Alex had already beaten KSI’s brother in a boxing match earlier this year. He has been challenging KSI to box against him immediately after the fight.

On July 1, 2022, it was revealed that Alex Wassabi and KSI would face off at London’s O2 Arena on August 27. In the US, UK, and Canada, the fight will be accessible via DAZN PPV; however, the event will be broadcast worldwide via DAZN.

On July 9, 2022, the fight’s preliminary program, which featured the main event and two co-main events, was made public. It featured KSI vs. Alex Wassabi, FaZe Temper vs. Blueface, and Deji vs. Fousey. Six days later, on July 15, the fight’s undercard was made public.

It featured the details of fights between Faze Sensei and King Kenny, Sam Hyde and IAmThmpsn, Salt Papi and Andy Warski, and DeenTheGreat and Evil Hero.

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