Christine Still: Alice Kinsella Coach And Gymnastics Commentator

Christine Still is Alice Kinsella’s coach and a gymnastics commentator. 

She is a well-known television pundit in her sixties and is still working in the industry she loves even though she is getting on in years.

Christine Still has worked for the BBC for many years and is currently a gymnastics coach. Her unparalleled dedication to the discipline was lauded at the 2019 British Gymnastics National Awards.

Still has been a part of the gymnastics community for close to 44 years, and she was awarded the Frank Edmonds prize because of her tremendous dedication to the sport.

How Old Is Christine Still?

Although Christine Still’s real age is unclear, judging by her appearance, she is most likely in her sixties at this point.

Christine has established a strong name for herself throughout her career as a gymnast and TV pundit. She has been working in the sporting field for close to forty years at this point.

In 1972, Christine took over as head coach of the Loughton Gymnastics Club and launched her career as a gymnastics coach. This event marked the beginning of her half-century-long tenure in the field. 

Although her exact age is unknown, Christine Still seems to be in her 60s.
Source : parkwrekingymnastics

Since starting her career, she has taught two athletes who have gone on to compete at the Olympic level, six champions in the United Kingdom and four medalists in the Commonwealth Games.

In addition, Christine is the technical director of Scottish Gymnastics, and she continues to teach gymnastics to teams competing for Great Britain.

Who Is Christine Still?

Christine Still is a gymnastic commentator and a well-known name in both the world of gymnastics and the Olympic movement.

Christine has been an active gymnast and a TV analyst for almost half a century. She started out as the head coach of the Loughton Gymnastics Club in 1972, where she was responsible for training two Olympians, six British champions, and four Commonwealth Games medalists.

Christine Still is a well-known name in both the world of gymnastics and the Olympic movement.
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She was awarded the Frank Edmonds trophy in 2019 as a symbol of honor for her exceptional dedication and devotion to the sporting community.

Gymnastics Commentator Christine Still Is Alice Kinsella’s Coach

Christine Still is Alice Kinsella’s coach at the Park Wrekin Gymnastics Club. Alice Kinsella competes for Great Britain.

Alice Kinsella earned a spot in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. During the final for her team, she competed on all four apparatuses, successfully completing all of her routines and contributing to Team Great Britain’s bronze medal finish.

Christine Still is Alice Kinsella's coach.
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Kinsella guided Team England to victory in the women’s team final at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham in 2022, earning the country the gold medal. After that, she competed in the finals of the balancing beam event, where she placed fourth, and the floor exercise event, where she won gold.

A week later, the 21-year-old competed in the European Championships and won a silver medal in the all-around competition. She also assisted Team England in second place in the team final.

Who Is Christine Still’s Husband, Colin Still?

Gymnastics commentator Christine Still’s husband is Colin Still.

Her husband serves as the national coach for the British Gymnastics Association.

These two have been married for a considerable amount of time. The details surrounding their first encounter are unclear. It is possible that they got acquainted through the gymnastics coaching circles in which they both participated, given that they are both working at a professional level in the field of gymnastics coaching.

Christine Still is married to Colin Still, who serves as the national coach for the British Gymnastics Association.
Source : shropshirestar

Years ago, Christine Still and her husband were put to the ultimate test when a former gymnast made repeated allegations of abuse against them. The complainant was reportedly subjected to physical violence and abuse at the hands of the Stills, as stated in these charges.

The controversy had repercussions for the couple and the entire British Gymnast association, which was accused of mistreating gymnasts and physically abusing them.

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