Niki Schelle Wikipedia Bio & Alter – Find Out The Age Of The Race Car Driver

Niki Schelle is a 55-year-old German motorsports driver with over four decades of experience behind the wheels. 

In 1999, Niki Schelle and his brother took over his parents’ car dealership, and in 2002, he established his own company to capitalize on his rallying and sports experience.

His accomplishments include finishing third in the 2006 Germany Rally and winning the 2WD category in the Ronde Race Day, an Italian gravel championship, in the winter of 2009/2010.

Niki Schelle has been a car specialist for various TV formats since 2005.

Who Is Niki Schelle? Wikipedia And Bio Details

Niki Schelle is a German racing driver, having started out as a fourteen-year-old enthusiast. Unfortunately, he is not listed on Wikipedia as of 2022.

Niki Schelle was initially assigned to drive the training cars in the 2002 World Rally Championship. This was followed in 2003 by his involvement in the establishment of Team Monster Sport Australia Down Under.

His RecceRent team and he have been in charge of the annual Suzuki Rally Cup from 2005 until 2009. He contacted Men TV in the middle of 2004, and he was finally allowed to drive as a car tester.

Schelle has two children: daughter Franziska and son John.

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Niki Schelle Alter – How Old Is He?

Niki Schelle is 55 alter, having been born in Schongau on August 13, 1966. He has been a motorsports enthusiast for over four decades.

At age 14, he tried his hand as a co-driver in various rally events. However, by the time he had turned of legal age, he knew the driver’s side was where he belonged.


Schelle was already able to build and convert his rally cars himself, thanks to his qualification as a car mechanic and later further training as a master car mechanic.

Based on his previous experience, he felt he was ready to start his own business and founded RecceRent – Rallyeservice in January 2002.

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Niki Schelle Net Worth 2022 Disclosed

The net worth of race car driver Niki Schelle is not public knowledge, but it is estimated to be around $200K.

Besides being the CEO of his company RecceRent – Rallyeservice, Niki makes a good living from his YouTube channel Niki Schelle, which he started in March 2015. He currently has 14.6k subscribers and 55 videos on his YouTube channel.

He also hosts the German car show Grip – Das Motormagazin.

Is Niki Schelle On Instagram?

Niki Schelle can be found on Instagram under the handle @schelle_niki. Although he has not taken the initiative to get his Instagram verified, the German race car driver has over 116K followers.

The majority of his uploads are about the latest car he is taking out for a spin, with some comedic pictures of him with friends thrown in for good measure.

He posts frequently and has already amassed over 1K posts that provide glimpses into the life of a professional race car driver.

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