Yusra Mardini Coach Sven Spannekrebs Is In Berlin

Yusra Mardini was coached by Sven Spannekrebs from 2015 to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Yusra and Sven don’t work together anymore but are now close friends.

Mardini, a Syrian swimmer, who fled from the Syrian Civil War with her sister Sara Mardini in August 2015, made it to the 2016 Rio Olympics with the help of Spannekrebs.

The story of how the swimmer went through the most challenging time while traveling the world, swimming to save lives, and walking through Europe to Germany on foot has now been portrayed in a Netflix film called The Swimmers.

The actresses Nathalie Issa and Manal Issa (also real-life siblings) has portrayed the role of Yusra Mardini and Sara. The German actor Matthias Schweighöfer plays the coach Sven. The inspiring movie has received many positive reviews and feedback. 

Yusra now spends her time with her boyfriend, Vaggelis Makrygiannis.

Yusra Mardini Worked With Coach Sven Spannekrebs Till 2016

Yusra Mardini’s former coach Sven Spannekrebs is in Berlin. They have remained as close friends.

The 24-year-old Syrian swimmer Yusra began training under Sven upon her arrival in Germany from Darayya through a long and challenging journey till 2016.

Under Sven’s guidance, she got selected for the EOR and competed at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio in the 100 meters freestyle and the 100 meters butterfly. Yusra also became one of the international athletes representing the Under Armour sports brand in 2017.

Yusra Mardini and her sister Sara met Sven Spannekrebs after they fled their home in war-torn Syria in August 2015.
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Spannekrebs believed in the Syrian refugee when she asked to swim for his club after fleeing the Syrian Civil War. He also helped her enter the Olympic refugee team in 2016, gaining her recognition. While the swimmer participated in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games, she carried the IOC Refugee Olympic Team flag during the opening ceremony in the athletes’ parade. 

Sven Spannekrebs Is A Coach At Berlin Club Spandau 04

Sven Spannekrebs is a coach at Berlin Club Wasserfreunde Spandau 04. He is a junior swimming coach and the head of the swimming department.

Sven is a former competitive swimmer and Yusra Mardini’s coach. 

He began swimming early and started giving beginner classes for kids from five to eight when he was only 14. The coach stopped swimming by age 21 and consulted with his coach on what to do next.

Yusra Mardini pictured with Sven Spannekrebs (4th from left), dad (1st from left), and Pere Miro (3ed from left)
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Spannekrebs then embarked on his journey to train competitive swimmers, met Yusra in the summer of 2015, and coached her till the 2016 Rio Olympics.

After the Syrian swimmer found a new coach, he took care of her media attention and management teams and helped her settle into a new life in Germany after her remaining family members joined her. The former competitive swimmer has been a member of Sportjugend Berlin since 2018. 

Sven Spannekrebs Role In Netflix Swimmers

Sven Spannekrebs plays a vital role in The Swimmers.

The Swimmers is a real-life drama/sports film that portrays the story of the competitive Syrian swimmer Yusra and her journey from escaping the Syrian Civil War to building a career in Germany with her sister Sarah Mardini.

After Sven took on the role of Yusra’s coach, her life turned around. He helped her reach where she stands today. Hadn’t the coach given her a chance to train in his swimming club, she wouldn’t have made it this far in a short period. 

 Sven Spannekrebs, Yusra Mardini, and Sara Mardini pictured with the casts of The Swimmers during the movie's world premiere at the TIFF in September 2022.
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Spannekrebs not only helped Mardini compete in the Olympics but also helped her handle her social and personal life. They have become good friends over the years, and without him, the Syrian swimmer’s story could have had a complete turn. 

The Swimmers was released on the 23rd of November 2022 on Netflix and has received much positive response. Furthermore, the cast and crew members have excellently carried the show with their skills. 

He even coached the actor portraying Yusra to swim.

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