Robert Griswold And Wife Abby Griswold Had Their Wedding In August

Paralympic athlete Robert Griswold and his wife, Abby Griswold, have been a married couple for three months. Their wedding took place on a Florida beach in August.

Three months after their wedding, the two might be seen again in a legal court as Robert has been accused of abusing his teammate during the Olympics.

The 25-year-old Paralympic athlete from the US has stayed put and has not commented after the accusations against him came forward last week.

Griswold is yet to respond to the lawsuit filed by Parker Egbert, the 19-year-old swimmer with autism and an intellectual disability. And the two-time gold medalist has scarred the life of not one but two people, the other being his wife, whom he was dating before committing this crime.

Robert Griswold And Wife Abby Newland Had Their Wedding In August

Robert Griswold and his wife, Abby Newland, had their wedding in August. The couple tied the knot after a little over a year of dating.

Robert and Abby started to grow fond of each other after a meeting in 2021 during a swimming competition. On his Facebook handle, Robert has posted several photos with his wife, from their first date to their wedding ceremony.

Robert Griswold proposed to Abby Newland at the Colorado Springs center on June 2, 2022
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After being in a relationship with Abby, he became more socially active. Before that, the Paralympian US athlete didn’t seem to share much about his personal life on social media. He only shared posts of his podium finishes.

The 25-year-old proposed to his then-girlfriend in a swimming pool on June 2, 2022. He shared the proposal photos with a cheesy caption, “The only thing about you that I’d change is your (last) name.”

And little over a month later, they tied the knot in New Smyrna Beach, Florida in the presence of their family and friends. Having married his best friend, Robert was glee with joy in the wedding photos.

Robert Griswold Wife Abby Newland

Abby Griswold is the wife of Robert Griswold. She tied the knot with him last year on August 14.

Her maiden name is Abby Newland. Less than four months into the marriage, they are already faced with an obstacle. Will she still love and cherish him as she spoke in her wedding vows? Only time will tell. 

Since the accusations against her husband have come forward, Abby has received an outpouring of supportive messages and sympathy for having married a man like Robert. Many have already left comments on Robert’s Facebook wall to leave him.

Robert Griswold and his wife Abby Newland pictured after their wedding ceremony at the New Smyrna Beach, Florida on August 14
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Earlier this week, Parker Egbert accused Robert of sexually assaulting him during the Tokyo Paralympics in 2021. Griswold’s team has not given any comments since the accusations came forward.

Abby, whose full name is Abigail, remains away from social media. She has only been on any social media platform with her husband. And the last picture was of the two who had tied the knot earlier this year. 

Robert Griswold pictured after winning gold medal at the 2021 Tokyo Paralympics game
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Abigail started dating Robert before he traveled with the US Team to the Paralympics Olympics event held in Japan in August-September. And was certainly enthralled when she saw her then-boyfriend win two gold medals.

So knowing that a loved one is waiting back home for you but preceding to do what Robert did to a teammate during the training camp is tragic. He has ruined the life of a young swimmer and his wife, Abby, who, even in her worst nightmares, wouldn’t have imagined an incident like this.

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