Kerri Einarson Husband Kyle Einarson Is A Professional Curler Who Has Made A Career In Fishing

Kerri Einarson and her husband Kyle Einarson are partners on and off the ice field. Kerri shares two kids with Kyle.

Kerri and Kyle welcomed their twin girls in 2013 and are looking forward to making the girls involved in the sport that has become a big part of their life. One of the most decorated curling players, Kerri has won five Grand Slam events.

Though Kyle plays the game, he is more of an occasional player and has partnered with his wife on the ice field since 2014. They returned together as partners for the Winnipeg Open in 2022. 

Canada could’ve dominated the Canadian Open with Brendan Bottcher and Kerri Einarson having progressed in the finals. And though Brendan did win the Candian Open Men’s tournament, Kerri came up short against Japan’s Satsuki Fujisawa. 

Kerri Einarson Partner Kyle Einarson Shares Her Passion For Curling

Kerri Einarson husband Kyle Einarson is a professional curler hailing from Gimli. 

Kyle, age 40, comes from the same hometown as his better half and even won the 2019 Gimli Men’s Bonspiel competition. Previously, Kyle has partnered with Kerri on the ice as the two took home the win in the Winnipeg Open Mixed Doubles.

Along with being a curler, Kyle is also a commercial fisherman and currently resides with Kerri and their two kids in Camp Morton, Manitoba. In 2019, Kyle participated in several competitions and it continues to remain where Kyle was mostly seen on the ice. 

Kyle pictured fishing with his two daughters Kamryn and Khloe in 2021
Source : twitter

Throughout November and December 2019, Kyle chose to take part in six competitions but was only able to qualify for one of them, which was Port Elgin Superpspiel. He ended up finishing fifth.

In 2019, there were rumors that Team Foster could be signing Kyle after they shared a picture of him signing an autograph for a fan. A Twitter user cheekily left a comment, “So are you signing Kerri Einarson’s husband?” 

Kyle and Kerri pictured with their teammates as they win the Manitoba Mixed Championship in 2014
Source : twitter

Kyle did sign for Team Foster, but the commercial fisherman is currently part of Team Justin Richter. In 2022, he was part of the Team Justin Richter, which ended up finishing first in standing in the Viterra East Men’s Regionals. 

Kyle finished fifth in the Winnipeg Open-Mixed Double Super Series which he took part with Kerri. One of their first wins together was in 2014 when Kyle and Kerri became Manitoba Mixed Champs with their teammates Jennifer Clark-Fouire and Jared Kolomaya.

Kerri Einarson Family

Kerri Einarson comes from a family with indigenous roots in Metis.

Kerri’s grandmother, Evelyn McAulay was a big curling fan and had emigrated from Scotland to Vancouver in 1989. Kerri comes from a mixed ancestry, with her father, Jeff Flett, being from an indigenous heritage which makes her Metis. 

Her mother, Marilyn Flett, belongs to Scottish ancestry and has supported Kerri’s curling career. Seeing her daughter repeat the same feat as her brother certainly makes Marilyn a proud lady. 

Kerri Einarson shares the picture of her brother Kyle as she pays tribute to him on his 12 years anniversary
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Kerri’s uncle, Greg McAulay, is a former curler and represented British Colombia on the international stages. He was part of the squad in the Labatt Brier national men’s championship in 1998, but they couldn’t emerge victorious. 

He later won the tournament in 2000 and became the world champion in Scotland. Kerri had a brother named Kyle, who passed away in 2006 in a snowmobile accident. Like Kerri, Kyle was an up-and-coming curler who was a finalist in the 2006 Manitoba Junior Men’s championship.

Keri and Kyle with their two daughters Kamryn and Khloe in 2020
Source : twitter

In honor of her brother and grandmother, Kerri wears two necklaces, without which she never plays any of her games. The locket she wears for her grandmom has the granite curling rock her uncle gave her grandmom and who later passed it on to her.  

Currently, Kerri is married to the occasional curler, Kyler Einarson, with whom she shares two twin daughters. The three always make sure to attend all of Kerri’s games. 

Kerri Einarson Kids

Kerri Einarson shares two kids with her partner Kyle Einarson.

The two kids are a set of twin daughters, Kamryn and Khloe, who were born in 2013. Khloe is three minutes older than her sister, and the two girls had already started their curling practice at a young age. 

Kamryn and Khloe pictured sitting on curling stones as they are held by their parents in 2014
Source : twitter

The enthusiastic mother had already bought her daughters curling shoes a few weeks after their birth and shared the cute picture on her Twitter handle. In 2014, the two girls were pictured with their dad and mom sitting on the curling stones as Kerri wrote, “Future Curlers.”

Kamryn and Khloe are seen cheering for their mother Kerri and her team in 2021
Source : twitter

The two girls of Kerri and Kyle have been pictured several times holding the curling equipment and have been raised on ice ever since being born. It won’t be a shock if at least one of them becomes a curler like their mom. 

Kamryn and Khloe hold their parents hands as they have a family photoshoot in 2020
Source : twitter

The two girls have also accompanied their dad, Kyle, to the water. The Einarson family was pictured on the lake fishing as Kerri and the girls accompanied Kyle in his work. 

Kerri shared the picture of their fun day out on her Twitter handle in 2021. The couple has ensured their girls can experience both sides of their parent’s profession. 

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