Who Is Braid Barbie Baby Daddy? Katiyah Hines Car Accident And Huge Backlash On Social Media

Braid Barbie, aka Katiyah Hines, is a social media influencer and hairstylist. She was recently arrested following a tragic car accident in which her passenger died.

According to the authorities, she was driving too fast while intoxicated. She wasn’t wearing a seat belt, and neither was the victim. Jayquan Marquise Reid has been identified as the victim who has passed away. 

Braid Barbie owns and operates a company named Braid Barbie LLC which offers its customers various types of braids and styles their hair.

Since Braid Barbie is well known among her admirers, they are curious about her baby daddy.

Who Is Braid Barbie Baby Daddy?

People want to know who is Braid Barbie’s baby daddy, but she hasn’t shared any information about him.

According to Blacksportsonline, Braid Barbie had a relationship with the rapper DaBaby. Despite having allegedly had personal encounters in the past, the pair have never revealed their relationship to their followers.

Braid Barbie with her Baby Daddy DaBaby
Source : blacksportsonline

There is not much information available regarding Barbie’s relationship because she has kept her private life secret from the public. She never posts online photos of her boyfriend.

Barbie might reveal her relationship standings with the public in the upcoming days.

Barbie doesn’t have a personal Instagram account, but her hair styling business appears to be featured on Instagram.

Katiyah Hines Arrested Over Passenger Death

Katiyah Hines, aka Braid Barbie, was detained by police after her passenger was killed in a fatal car accident.

Katiyah Hines, the driver, has reportedly been charged with causing a deadly crash in North Charlotte, according to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

Police were summoned to a three-car collision on Pat Garrett Street close to Statesville Avenue in the Double Oaks neighborhood on Monday night after midnight, according to reports.

According to authorities, two people were inside the SUV when it crashed. A passenger later identified as Jayquan Reid was pronounced dead at the scene, and the driver was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

The driver, Katiyah Hines, struck two additional parked cars on the right side of the road while traveling west, according to the police. The SUV then turned over and came to rest. Reid and Hines did not utilize seat belts, according to the authorities.

During the investigation, authorities learned that Hines was speeding and drunk, which caused the crash. Hines was charged with felony vehicular homicide.

Katiyah Hines Charges

Katiyah Hines was recently taken into custody following a fatal car accident in which her passenger died. She was detained and accused of felonious vehicular death, according to a news statement.

The inquiry is still underway, and officials are looking into every aspect to identify what led to the incident.

Hines, however, is said to be at fault because the investigation showed that she was intoxicated. A seatbelt was not worn by either Hyundai passenger, according to the authorities.

Hines’ professional future may be seriously endangered in light of the recent arrest by the authorities.

Despite the arrest receiving few reports, certain news websites have already started publishing their stories.

Internet users are already talking about her arrest and predicting the eventual end of her career because they find it hard to believe their favorite influencer could have committed such a crime.

She was sentenced to prison, but the case’s specifics have not yet been disclosed.

Braid Barbie Net Worth

The specifics of Braid Barbie’s net worth are unknown; it is still being evaluated. As a hairstylist, Braid began recording films and posting them to her social media accounts.

She is now a well-known social media influencer. The influencer, however, changed from her regular personality and began publishing assertive internet posts.

She is the owner and manager of Braid Barbie LLC, a business that offers its clients a selection of braids and hairstyles.

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