Brandon Nimmo Sister Kristen Lovas Is A Pharmacist In Cheyenne

Brandon Nimmo sister Kristen Lovas is a pharmacist in Cheyenne and works at HealthWorks. Kristen is six years older than him.

Kristen and her husband, Christofer Lovas, were present during his wedding to his wife, Chelsea Bradley, in 2017.

As he is the youngest, his two older siblings, Bryce and Kristen, took turns taking care of him when their parents, Ron and Patti Nimmo, were not around. His father, Ron Nimmo, was a certified public accountant and stayed out of the house most of the time because of work.

The MLB star, who previously played for the New York Mets, is a free agent. Since so many clubs are interested in signing him, he will likely be available during the Winter Meetings.

Given the number of teams that have expressed interest in him, including the Mets, Yankees, and Dodgers, his agent, Scott Boras, must be pretty busy.

Brandon Nimmo Sister Kristen Lovas Is A Pharmacist

Brandon Nimmo sister Kristen Lovas is a pharmacist with a degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Brandon and Kristen have an age gap of six years. She grew up in a family of five in Cheyenne, Wyoming, as the middle child. Her father Ron and mother Patti Nimmo, raised her and her two brothers, a former college baseball player Bryce and MLB standout Brandon.

Kristen Lovas is a pharmacist at HealthWorks.
Source : facebook

She graduated from Central High School in 2005 and did her bachelor’s at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After receiving her Doctor of Pharmacy in 2011, she worked in Cheyenne at Hoy’s Drug and Hoy’s Hospital Pharmacy. She earned invaluable experience working in different pharmacy stores in her hometown Cheyenne.

Brandon Nimmo with his sister Kristen, her husband Christofer and their two kids in 2019.
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Three years later, Kristen wanted to switch companies and became a Pharmacist in Charge at HealthWorks. She has been in the company for more than eight years since joining in April 2014.

Her tasks would circle following doctors’ instructions,  taking prescriptions, and providing knowledge on how to utilize medicines safely. She informs patients how to take prescribed medications and notifies them of possible adverse effects.

Kristen Lovas studied pharmacy at University of Nebraska Medical Center and graduated in 2011.
Source : facebook

Kristen also performs several health and wellness exams, administers vaccinations, supervises and manages medications, and makes healthy lifestyle recommendations to patients.

Kristen Lovas Is Married And Has Two Children

Kristen Lovas and her husband Christofer Lovas have been married for a decade and have welcomed two children.

Kristen and Christofer married on September 3, 2012, and recently celebrated their tenth anniversary. Three years later, they welcomed their first baby, son Rhett, in September 2015.

She announced her pregnancy on June 2, 2015, with a picture of her and Chris, in which her cute baby bump was visible.

Kristen Lovas was married to Christofer Lovas on September 3, 2012.
Source : facebook

September holds a special place in their heart, as their third child joined their growing family in September 2018. Their daughter Leighton is four years old.

HealthWorks pharmacist Kristen nestles in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with her husband and two children. 

Brandon’s brother-in-law, Christofer, is the founder of Lovas Engineering. This civil engineering consultancy deals with providing civil solutions to clients and tackling their problems in a highly effective and economical way.

Lovas obtained his degree from North Dakota State University, where he played baseball for the Buffalo Bisons and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in 2010.

Kristen Lovas lives in Cheyenne with her family, her husband Chris and two children Rhett and Leighton.
Source : facebook

Before establishing his engineering firm, Lovas worked in another firm as a partner for eleven years. He quit that job and formed Lovas Engineering. Besides, he has also served on a Board of Directors the Meals.

Moreover, Kristen loves traveling and adventures, besides caring for her two kids and handling the family. She takes pleasure in windsurfing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and hiking. She would often go fishing with her husband and children.

Brandon Nimmo Close Knit Family Of Five

Brandon Nimmo grew up in a small family of five with his parents and two elder siblings Bryce and Kristen.

Born on March 27, 1993, the MLB star is the youngest member of his family. Nimmo was raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where his father, Ron Nimmo, worked as a certified public accountant.

Brandon Nimmo with his family, (from right) his father Ron, his mother Patti Nimmo and wife Chelsea Bradley.
Source : instagram

Ron would typically be out of town due to his work and would come to visit the family during the weekends.

Brandon was barely two years old when he began playing baseball with his brother Bryce. Bryce is eight years older than him, while Kristen is six years older. 

The former New York Mets outfielder was a Colorado Rockies fan growing up and wanted to pursue a career in bull riding. However, playing baseball from a young age with his mother, father, and brother, Brandon developed a solid feeling to play it professionally as he grew up.

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a bat in my hands. I remember my dad, we would play catch and he would always throw me different pitches and tell me.”, the 29-year-old MLB player said.

On the other hand, his brother Bryce is a University of Nebraska alumni, where he had a successful college baseball career. However, he did not continue his athletic career after finishing college. Bryce was an idol and role model for Brandon as a young boy.

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