Padres Josh Bell Wife Arlia Duarte Is A Law Student From Ohio

Padres Josh Bell wife Arlia Duarte is a law student and a former athlete. Josh and Arlia have been together for three years.

Arlia shared a scenic picture of the couple celebrating their wedding anniversary earlier this year in July. The two are relatively private people when it comes to sharing their lives on social media.

It’s not been long since Arlia, with their baby daughter, was trying to find the perfect home in San Diego as Josh signed with the Padres. But the moving day has again arrived for the couple as Josh looks to seal the deal with Guardians.

It’s an exciting time for the couple as Bell will look forward to strengthening Cleveland’s offensive line, and Duarte will look forward to returning to her native land Ohio.

Padres Josh Bell Wife Arlia Duarte Is A Law Student

Padres Josh Bell wife Arlia Duarte is a law student at Duquesne University School of Law in Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.

Arlia has previously worked as a law clerk in two firms. The talented muse of Josh has earned several accolades to her name since her high school days. Duarte graduated from Poland Seminar High School in Ohio as a valedictorian and later attended Ohio State University.

Arlia Duarte pictured at the famous Brooklyn Bridge on July 27, 2019
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After joining Duquense, the Ohio native Arlia started working as a law clerk at Vuono and Gray in 2019. A new year brought Arlia to a new law firm at Edgar Snyder and Associates, where she worked for four months before quitting in August 2020.

On May 16, 2021, Arlia shared with her followers on her Instagram handle that she graduated with a Juris Doctorate. Congratulations came in order for the 24-year-old for whom success like this has not been a new thing.

Duarte even completed her major in communication at Ohio within three years. An achievement that she has proudly mentioned on her social media sites.

Arlia Duarte proudly shows her Juris Doctorate as she graduates from Thomas R. Kline School of Law
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During her time at Duquesne, Arlia has been handed the opportunity to work on the legal team that helped the veterans receive their basic medical care. She also advised her husband not to take part in riots but be part of Social Reforms Sunday.

Currently, she might be working day and night preparing for her bar exams, but don’t misunderstand thinking she has only ever been a bookworm. Duarte is a former athlete, a trait she shares with her husband.

At Poland Seminar High School, Arlia wore jersey no.10 as she captained her varsity softball team. The talented lady was also on the volleyball team. Arlia is certainly a jack of all trades.

Inside Josh Bell And Arlia Duarte Married Life

Josh Bell and Arlia Duarte tied the knot in July 2021 after getting into a relationship in 2019.

The Ohio University graduate, Arlia, went Instagram official with the MLB player in 2019 while Josh was at Pittsburgh Pirates. The supportive girlfriend captioned the photo, which they clicked at PNC Park, with a sweet message saying seeing her partner achieve his dreams is her favorite thing.

Josh Bell and Alia Duarte pictured after their private wedding ceremony in 2021.
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Josh has always remained private about his married life and has never shared much of his personal life in public. He has maintained privacy to the point that he has chosen not to share the photo of his child on his Instagram handle.

If it weren’t for Arlia’s social media presence, nobody would have even known that the Padres player is a father to a baby daughter, Noa Marie. The couple welcomed their first child on December 18, 2021.

Josh admitted in an interview that he even tells Arlia not to use the internet too much, especially on deadline days. The baseman made the switch to the Padres earlier this year in August.

Josh Bell and Alia Duarte pictured with their baby daughter Noa at the Petco Park on September 1 as Josh was traded to the Padres from Nationals
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Before Josh made his way to Padres, he and his family waved goodbye to Washington Nationals with a family photo at Nationals Park in August.

Noa then accompanied her dad and mom to Petco Park as Josh became a Padre player. And Josh and Arlia, who had just settled in San Diego, are again planning to move this year for the second time as Josh will dawn the Guardian’s jersey as a new MLB season kicks off next year.

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