Brett Maher Wife Jenna Maher Is The Mother Of His Two Kids

Brett Maher wife Jenna Maher worked as an educator in Nebraska. Brett has been married to Jenna for nine years.

The two high school sweethearts have crossed many hurdles together. The supportive better half of Jenna Maher stood as a rock in her partner’s life when he was not having the best of time on the football field. 

Jenna worked as a teacher in their hometown in Nebraska, while Brett stayed in Canada for years after signing with the CFL. But the two have successfully passed through every hurdle, and a hint of relief came into their life in 2018 after Brett continued to have stints only for the NFL teams.

Brett and Jenna are now parents to two precious daughters who have previously attended Cowboys games. But last night, the kicker didn’t have the best of games against Tampa Bay as he missed four extra points, which led to brutal online trolling from Cowboys fans and rivals alike.

Brett Maher Spouse Jenna Maher Is An Educator

Brett Maher wife Jenna Maher is a fourth grade teacher at a school in their hometown of Nebraska.

Brett and Jenna first crossed paths at Kearney High School. After finishing college, they tied the knot in June 2013. The two met at a time when Brett was struggling to find a team for himself after going undrafted. 

Jenna Maher pictured holding her daughter as Brett shares the picture on the Mother's Day giving her a sweet tribute.
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Nevertheless, looking at the wedding pictures shared on Facebook, the two seem to have one hell of a time with their family and friends. Later that year, Maher signed with the New York Jets but was waived and later made his way to Dallas Cowboys for his first stint.

Jenna Maher

Jenna Maher was known as Jenna McBride before she married Brett Maher in 2013.

Brett’s football made him stay in Canada as he signed a deal with the CFL and played for three of its franchises. During that time, Jenna continued to live in Nebraska and began teaching Kindergarten. 

Soon the better half of Brett Maher was teaching the fourth grade and had been working in the institutions for three years in 2018. But there was some trouble for the married couple as Brett returned to the NFL in 2018 and began his second stint with the Cowboys.

Jenna Maher photographed holding her two babies as Brett clicks the photo of his leading lady
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Jenna and Brett had a conversation about Jenna leaving her job, but the mother-of-two had committed to her work. So the two decided to travel back and forth rather than Jenna having to quit her job. 

Jenna is available on Twitter with the username @jenna_leigh3 but has kept her handle private. Previously, from his Twitter handle, Brett has shared several tributes for his better half on Mother’s Day and her birthdays.

In his interview with the official website of the Dallas Cowboys, the footballer talked about the sacrifices Jenna had made for their family and how she has always stood as a rock in his life since the beginning of his football journey. 

Brett Maher Is Father Of Two Kids

Brett Maher shares two kids with his better half Jenna Maher. His oldest child is eight and youngest is six years old.

Brett is the father to two girls, Maela and Laekyn, who are football fanatics like their dad. They have previously attended his games at the AT&T stadium. Brett has tried to keep his daughters away from the public limelight.

Brett Maher shares the post of his elder daughter Maela holding her newly born sister Laekyn in 2016
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The first child of Brett and Jenna, Maela, is eight years old. Maela, who is likely in grade three, was born several weeks earlier and didn’t get to see her father for a long time. Brett saw his kid for the first time from a Skype call, a tale he talked about in his interview with Argus Leader.

She is two years older than her little sister, Laekyn, who was born in 2016. The kicker joined the Cleveland Browns team a few months after his second daughter’s birth, but he didn’t stay for long and returned to Canada. 

The kicker then vowed to return to NFL as the hectic schedule started to take a toll on him. Since then, Maher has stayed in the NFL and has been part of seven different franchises. 

Maela practices her dance routine as Brett posts the photo on the occasion of her fourth birthday in 2018
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In 2018, Brett shared the photo of his eldest daughter, Maela practicing her dance routine in her cheerleading costumes as he posted the picture on her fourth birthday. 

The three big cheerleaders of Maher’s life have always stood by his side no matter how tough the situation has been for him in the past few years. 

Brett Maher Family

Brett Maher comes from a family of educators with his dad Brian Maher working as a superintendent at Sioux Falls.

The son of Dr Brian Maher and Peggy Maher, Brett became a local hero in 2018 after he became the kicker of the Dallas Cowboys, with the local newspapers publishing the story of the superintendent’s son becoming a Cowboys’ player.

Brett grew up alongside his two athletic sisters, Maggie and Lindsey. Both sisters were part of the Nebraska track and field team. Maggie is available on Twitter with the username @MaherMaggie and continues to share the news of her brother on her feed. 

Brett Maher Parents

Brett Maher was born to parents Dr Brian Maher and Piggy Maher in 1989 as the youngest of three siblings.

Speaking to the Dakota News in 2018, Brian Maher beamed with pride as he talked about his son and his football journey.

Dr Brian Maher interviewed in 2018 by the Dakota News as he talks about his son's football journey
Source : dakotanewsnow

Brian recalled Brett’s first field goal in the interview and said his son’s path had been inspirational and full of determination and hard work. Brian also reflected on how his son took the risk to go to and CFL and continued his football career despite a career-threatening injury in 2015.

Brett also credits his father for helping him to find a person Andy Gillham who has helped him in the mental side of the game as his dad worked with Andy’s wife. But even Brian would agree after looking at his son’s performance against Tampa Bay that he could’ve done better. 

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