Brandon Perea Laughs Off Gay Rumors, Nope Actor Supports LGBTQ But Never Came Out

According to some of his fans, Brandon Perea is a talented American actor who is gay. He has denied all the rumors about his sexuality in his recent interviews.

In the upcoming movie Nope, he will play Angel Torres, one of his most important roles in the film. He gained attention for his role in the sci-fi drama The OA on Netflix in 2016.

Is Brandon Perea Gay?

No, the American actor is not gay and identifies his sexuality as straight. In several interviews post-release of his movie Nope, he has denied all the rumors of him being gay. Currently, he is in a relationship with a girl, which is enough to debunk those rumors.

He doesn’t discriminate against anyone as per their sexuality, ethnicity, or color. He says that humans are the marvel of gods, and everyone should respect each other despite their appearance or sexual preference.


All these rumors arose because the character of Alfonso Sosa in the Netflix series The OA was gay. His character portrayal was very natural and accurate, which managed to fool his fans entirely. In the past, he also had difficulties in his love life, leading fans to think he was gay.

Nope, Star’s Girlfriend And Dating Life Facts

Currently, Perea is in a relationship with his girlfriend, who uses the online handle BKLYNN. It is uncertain where and when the couple initially met as of this writing. It is believed that they have been dating since 2018, which was found out by observing their social media activities in past years. Neither of them has revealed the girl’s actual name but observing the acronyms she has put on her Instagram handle; we can assume her name is Brooklyn.

On December 9, 2021, the actor posted a picture of his girlfriend for the first time on Instagram. Perea shared a photo of herself and Brooklyn from the Halloween movie screening they attended at The Theatre at Ace Hotel.


Brooklyn is an aspiring singer who has worked with other aspiring musicians and published original music on her YouTube channel. In the Instagram bio, she is listed as the co-founder and creator of OUT OF POCKET PROJECTS.

Brandon Perea’s Family And Ethnicity 

Brandon Perea was born in Illinois, USA, on May 25, 1995. His father, Joe Perea, has nurtured him to be an athlete since childhood. He began his professional career in America in 2012 with the Nickelodeon panel game show Figure It Out. In the online movie Dance Camp, he also portrayed Kenton. The young man then made a guest appearance on American Latino TV, a program produced by American Latino Syndication.

Brandon’s essential skills are acting, jam skating, dancing, and BMXing. He has been breakdancing since he was a little child and achieved professional status at the youngest age in Jamskating history. Brandon left home when he was 16 years old to follow his goals in Los Angeles. His main objective is to use his talent to inspire and amuse people worldwide.

He is of white ethnicity, but he also has a Filipino background from his father. He said he knows very little of the Filipino culture as he was not exposed to that part of his family. He enjoys eating Filipino foods as well. 

Brandon Perea’s Recent Movie Nope and Career Before

Nope is Jordan Peele’s most recent horror/thriller. Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer play siblings OJ and Em, who get their father’s horse ranch in Agua Dulce, California. They begin experiencing unusual occurrences on their expansive valley property, which motivates them to install numerous security cameras in their home and barn.

Angel Torres, a Frye’s Electronics employee who becomes unduly invested in their company, is their wingman geek savior. This is the character played by Brandon, who is also one of the crucial characters in the movie. 

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