Brett Finch Is Still Married To Wife Elli Johnston And Has A Daughter Mackenzie Grace

Brett Finch is married to his wife, Elli Johnston, with whom he shares a lovely family. 

An Australian former professional rugby league footballer Brett Finch stole the spotlight in the 2000s and 2010s through his outstanding skills. He has played for renowned clubs like Parramatta Eels, Canberra Raiders, Syndey Roosters, and more. 

Age 41 years old
Wife Elli Johnston (Married in 2018)
Daughter Mackenzie Grace
Father Robert Finch
Net Worth 2 Million Dollars

After years of being active in the field and earning fame, he started having a downfall in his career. The public showed their concern after he checked into the mental health facility in 2019. Followed by the incidents, rumors, and arrest news, he started to lose his limelight in public. 

He played for the Wigan Warriors in the Super League and won the final of the 2011 Challenge Cup. Finch first gained popularity in 1999, when he won the Rookie of the year award in the club Canberra Raiders. Soon after, he became the most challenging player in the field and started impressing people with his performances. 

At the time, his fame rose to hike when he called for the 2006 State of Origin Series on the eve of Game 1 with the New South Wales squad. Playing for the team, he led many victories for the club. Despite all his fame and name, he is also famous as one of the most controversial players in NRL history, often catching the media’s attention. 

In all these times of career and glory, his wife and family have been together with him. Also, with the public showing an interest in them, they have equally gained media attention. Being a public figure, the followers are well-familiar with his professional affairs; however, here, let’s dig in more about his personal life data and relations. 

Brett Finch Is Still Married To Wife Elli Johnston

Brett Finch married his wife Elli Johnston in January 2018. The couple finally took a milestone in their relationship after dating for several years and being with each other. Their relationship has currently come to the highlight with the legal issues going around with the former player. 

Brett and Elli have been together in every step of their newly married life. Moreover, the couple also invests in several real estate to build their financial relationship while maintaining romantic bonding. When Finch married Johnston, at the time, he was a retiree from his rugby career and was working for Fox Sports. 

They were romantically involved for five years when they finally stepped out to tie a knot. Ellie is well-known for being the spouse of the former rugby player, who has been in a long-term relationship with him. She has often become the target of the media as Finch got tangled up with all the scandals. 

Despite all the controversies and accusations, the couple has stayed married for around four years. On the day they vowed to each other, the couple wore a beautiful dress, with Elli looking pretty in her gown. The public still remembers their lovely wedding and their time together. 

Their wedding took place at Melbourne’s Greenfields Albert Park, and thus their married life continued. The couple seems to have a few years of an age gap, with Brett being a 41-years man. As for Johnston, she has preferred to live a low-profile life, keeping her personal things private. Nevertheless, she still makes her appearance in public occasionally.

The couple have opened up about their first meeting in Melbourne at a barbecue, mentioning “We were at the house of mutual friends. I needed help moving my car out of the garage, and Brett offered to help me. I thought Brett was very funny and very charismatic. We enjoyed each other’s company straight away.”

They further continued, “It went from zero to 100 pretty quickly, which is not like either of us. We’re both quite conservative. We started spending more and more time together and, by August, Elli had moved up here.” They still mesmerized the wedding day, with Brett adding, “It was such a great wedding and Elli looked absolutely magnificent. It was a really beautiful day.” 

After getting married, the couple thus started their newly married life while supporting each other through thick and thin. 

Brett Finch with his wife Elli Johnston
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However, since the scandals and allegations, the couple married life seems to be facing complications at present. Also, Elli has been inactive on his social media accounts and staying away from the media light for the moment. 

Previously, she was seen in late 2021 outside the couple’s Sans Souci home when Finch got bailed after detention. Regardless of all the ups and downs, the pair is still legally married to each other. His wife was in pretty shock when she learned about the recent scandals. For now, the public wonders about their relationship and future married life. 

Brett Finch Has A Daughter Mackenzie Grace

Brett Finch shares a daughter named Mackenzie Grace with his wife, Elli Johnston. After getting married in January 2018, the couple welcomed their first child to the family in 2019. 

Mackenzie was their first step to parenthood and a new milestone in their married life. Finch and his better half enjoyed every bit of their moment when they welcomed their first daughter into the family. In the same year, their first child was born; The Sydney Morning Herald reported he checked himself into the mental health facility after the event on the interstate flight. 

One of the witnesses from the flight mentioned, “He looked like he couldn’t bring himself to get off the plane… as a ghost, couldn’t control his runny nose and (appeared) paranoid. He wasn’t abusive. He just didn’t want to get off the plane, like he was scared about something.”

The year 2019 was a rollercoaster of emotions for the family, with the newborn child coming into the world and Finch checking for his mental health. Nevertheless, their first daughter, Grace, was one of the good things that happened to the couple’s life that brought joy to the family. 

Who Is Brett Finch Daughter Mackenzie Grace?

Mackenzie Grace is the first child and daughter of the well-known former rugby player Brett Finch and  Elli Johnston. She was born in 27 May 2019 and is currently three years of age. As soon as she came into the world, Grace became the world of her parents. 

Her father and mother were excited to be part of their first-time parenthood and thrilled to take their new role in life. At the time, Brett was 37 years of age, and Elli was 32 years old. When their little girl wrapped her little finger around her father, he melted, giving his all love to his daughter. 

At the time, being excited, he expressed his feelings, “It (parenthood), is just so hard to describe, but it’s an amazing feeling. I spent my whole life around men in sporting teams, and now I’m surrounded by two beautiful girls and couldn’t be happier.”

While Grace’s mother, Ellie explains, “It has been a bit of a dream so far. Mackenzie’s absolutely wonderful. For me, one of the most beautiful things has been seeing Brett as a parent. I always knew that he had it in him to be nurturing, but to see him with his own daughter is quite amazing. He’s a big softie.”

Meanwhile, Finch adds up crediting his wife, “I struggled for the first couple of years of retirement with the loss of footy, and Elli had moved interstate and was living away from family and friends. But she was a massive support to me in that transition period, I’m extremely lucky to have Elli. We went on to have a beautiful wedding and now we have our beautiful daughter.”

Brett Finch spotted with his daughter
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Does Brett Finch Have Other Children?

Besides Mackenzie Grace, Brett Finch has two other children with his wife, Elli Johnston. Although the couple have shared their experience in parenthood while welcoming their first child, they kept their other kids’ life private in the following years.

Brett is the father of three children, and one of them is Mackenzie Grace, his eldest daughter, while her siblings and the other two kids’ identity remains behind the curtain. His other two children might be below three years of age, as his eldest daughter is only three years of age. 

As their kids are still young, the pair might have been protecting their child from the spotlight and media and public attention. Nevertheless, there is a chance that those two children will get introduced to the public in the coming days. 

Also, with all the controversy going on, the family has decided to stay low profile from the public, which might also be one of the reasons to keep their child’s identity safe and sound. Nevertheless, in the present time, it is only known that the pair have three children, which includes their daughter Mackenzie Grace, who might be pursuing her schooling. 

Furthermore, at present, it remains dubious if the couple is planning to have more children in the future or not. They are looking after their three kids and their future by nurturing them. The couple has been married for over four years, and within those years, they have already welcomed three kids to their home.

Moreover, with their relationships being in jeopardy at present, there seems to be very little chance of the couple welcoming more children in the future. 

Brett Finch and Elli Johnston with their child
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Brett Finch Career History As An Australian Rugby Player

Brett Finch was a former Australian former professional rugby league footballer who played for over a decade. He started playing for the Canberra Raiders in 1999 when he was only 17 years. Later in 2003, he joined the club Sydney Roosters and went for the 2003 World Club Challenge to England. After playing for the club for around three years, he again joined Parramatta Eels in 2007. 

Three years after, in 2009, Finch started playing for the club Melbourne Storm, then Wigan Warriors, and finally Melbourne Storm. He retired from his rugby career in 2013 and started his career as a sideline commentator. With around 14 years of being active, Finch earned a fortune as a rugby player. 

His expected salary as a player at the time was over a million per year, with bonuses. Before getting famous by his own name, Brett was well familiar as the son of Robert Finch, an Australian former Rugby player. Growing up, he completed his education at Erindale College, where he represented the Australian Schoolboys rugby league team in 1998. 

He then played for the Valentine evils as the Hunter Marines junior. Over the years, he has represented the team New South Wales (2004-2006), Prime Minister’s XIII (2005), Country NSW, and NRL All Stars. 

In 2007, Finch came to the spotlight after terminating his contract with the Sydney Roosters and signing with Parramatta Eels. At the time, the club extended his contract to the end of 2011 for three years with reportedly $1 million. 

Even after his retirement and leaving his rugby career behind, he started coming to the limelight, working for Fox Sports. Over the past few years, he has been facing ups and downs in his career, gaining attention from the public. 

Brett Finch
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Nevertheless, with his recent arrest, accusations, and charges, he only seems to be having a downfall in his accomplished career, which he took decades to build. However, the whole thing has brought more attention to his life and the close ones. 

Brett Finch Net Worth In 2022

Brett Finch expected net worth is approximately $2 million in 2022, with more than $240,000 as his estimated salary. He is a former Australian rugby player with excellent career history.

Besides his rugby footballer and media career, he also earns from investing in various estates. He previously made news for flicking his former Bondi Beach home. Also, the investment got expected to fetch more than a million at the time. 

Later, he and his wife again made the news of selling the Bondi unit while hunting for a family home. With their first baby in 2019, the pair looked out for a new adjustment. Finch bought the house for around $815,000 in 2004 while expecting to sell for a value of over a million. 

Brett Finch
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With the luxurious home, cars, and other things, Finch shares a wealthy lifestyle with his family. They now own a home in Sans Souci, living with his wife and children. Aside from all that, he has a history of working as a brand ambassador for PointsBet, a leading battling agent; meanwhile also hosting his own podcast show. 

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